Disassembly report: graphene wireless charger

Xiamen Liqi Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched a graphene wireless charger. The high thermal conductivity of graphene composite can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of the wireless charger and improve the charging speed. It has the advantages of good heat dissipation, fast charging speed, high cost performance, convenient use and patent protection.

We have already brought you product introduction and detailed evaluation. In order to understand how to use the materials, the next thing we need to bring is product disassembly.

1、 Graphene wireless charger out of the box

The black packing box is used, and the product picture is printed on the front.

Product Name: zelwell wireless charger. And specially marked: graphene material.

On the side is company information.

The other side is printed with the words "fast charging".

Package content: graphene wireless charger, instruction manual.

The product adopts vertical structure, and the main body is composed of panel and base. The panel is made of frosted material and feels like metal.

The front is very simple. There is only zelwell logo on it.

The plane of the panel and the base is approximately at an angle of 60 ℃. When the mobile phone is put on and charged, it can also easily realize the facial unlocking, so as to conveniently view the information notice.

Adopt integrated design, product and wire are integrated.

The product is equipped with an active cooling fan inside, with air inlet and outlet at the back and bottom, which can cooperate with the graphene shell to take away the heat generated during work in time, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling together.

There is also a heat sink at the bottom.

The product name is printed on the bottom: graphene wireless charger; Model: lq-2019a18; Input: 5v2a, 9v2a (qc2.0, qc3.0); Output: 5v2a, 9v1.67a; Power: 10W; Manufacturer: Xiamen Liqi Electronics Co., Ltd. The bottom is the product certification information: CE, FCC, ROHS, etc.

There is an anti-skid rubber pad with convex points on the bottom bracket to prevent the mobile phone from sliding.

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There is an LED status indicator beside the bottom bracket.

The wireless charging aging test fixture is used to test, and "PPP" is displayed, that is, it supports ordinary 5W, apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W.

In addition, it also supports Samsung wireless fast charging, testing Samsung S10 + mobile phone, and the screen shows "accelerating charging wirelessly".

2、 Disassembly of graphene wireless charger

First, disassemble the base and open the bottom cover to expose the internal components. Half area of the bottom cover is covered with heat dissipation air outlet holes.

PCBA consists of large and small circuit boards, which are fixed on the product shell by screws.

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There are no components on the back of PCBA. The charging wire and wireless charging coil are welded on PCBA.

Ip6809 is a wireless charging transmitter control SOC chip, compatible with the latest WPC Qi v1.2.4 standard, supports 3-coil wireless charging applications, A28 coil, mp-a8 coil, coil customization scheme, 5W, apple 7.5W, Samsung 10W, 15W charging.

Ip6809 detects the wireless receiver through the analysis Ping and establishes the communication with the receiver, then the power transmission starts. Ip6809 determines the position of the receiver by switching different working coils to perform the analysis Ping and detecting the signal strength, and selects the coil with the strongest signal to perform the charging action. Ip6809 decodes the communication packets sent from the receiver, and then uses PID algorithm to change the oscillation frequency to adjust the output power on the coil. Once the battery on the receiver is fully charged, ip6809 stops power transmission. Full bridge driving circuit and voltage & current ask communication demodulation module are integrated in the chip, which can reduce the size and BOM cost of the scheme.

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3、 Summary of dismantling charging head net

Graphene wireless charger with reasonable internal design. The product is equipped with graphene shell + fan active cooling + PCBA and coil separation design, which ensure that the product can effectively solve the cooling problem of wireless charger, so as to improve the charging speed and efficiency. Adopting the high integration wireless charging TX scheme of British chip, BOM is low cost, convenient for rapid development and production, and also provides reliable guarantee for product performance.