Disassembly report: cyspo three in one wireless charger T9

Recently, the charging head network got a cyspo three in one wireless charger, which is designed by Jiangguo Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. the main body shell is made of aluminum alloy, and the whole body is black, which is very temperament. This product integrates three functions of mobile phone, headset and watch wireless charger at the same time, which can meet the charging demand of Apple's whole family at the same time, with a maximum power of 10W. The following charging head network on the detailed disassembly of this product, to see how its design and workmanship.

Previously, the charging head network has also disassembled the cyspo three in one wireless charger T3 and three in one wireless charger T6. You can click the hyperlink to view the details of the disassembly.

1、 Appearance of cyspo three in one wireless charger

The package contains wireless charger, charger, data cable and instruction manual.

The wireless charging body is made of aluminum alloy, which has a lot of weight in hand. The surface of the metal shell is sandblasted, which is very smooth and full of metal texture. The two wireless charging boards and the front of the chassis are made of plastic shell, and the overall design style of the product is extremely simple.

Viewed from the side, the supporting rod is inclined and connected with the wireless charging board of mobile phone and earphone.

The back of the wireless charging board is equipped with a ball shaft, which can adjust the angle up and down to improve the user's experience of charging while using.

Wireless charging board front close-up, edge silver chamfering design, plastic shell surface biting process.

The magnetic design of the charging board can absorb the iPhone 12 suspended for wireless charging, and it can be placed horizontally and vertically, which is convenient to charge and play at the same time.

Watch wireless charging board close-up, the same design, concave center.

Watch wireless charging scene close up.

The plastic plate of the chassis is printed with cyspo brand, and the wireless charging area of the middle earphone is concave.

The earphone box can be placed in the inner groove area for wireless charging, and it is very stable.

The front end of the chassis is equipped with LED indicator light, which lights blue when working. The back end is equipped with a usb-c interface, and the black rubber core does not expose copper.

The bottom is pasted with anti-skid rubber ring and engraved with wireless charging parameter information

Model: a116

Input: 9v2a

Output: 10W Max

Manufacturer: Jiangguo Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

This wireless charger can be used in real situations.
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2、 Disassembly of cyspo three in one wireless charger

Tear off the anti-skid rubber ring, which contains the screws for sealing the chassis and fixing the support rod.

The chassis can be opened and the support rod can be removed by removing all the screws at the bottom. The PCB board inside the chassis is fixed with screws. Remove the screws and take out the PCB.

The connecting wire is reinforced by injection molding.

The support rod is plugged with a plastic insert, which is fixed with screws. The mobile phone and watch support plate modules are fixed by screws and plastic inserts.

The wireless charging board of mobile phone is disassembled, the wireless charging coil is placed in the center, and the periphery is 9 small magnets.

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Summary of dismantling charging head net

Cyspo three in one wireless charger adopts three-dimensional structure design, which can effectively save desktop space. As most of the shells are made of aluminum alloy, it is not easy to overturn. The charger is equipped with usb-c input interface and supports 9v2a input. Mobile phone wireless charging board magnetic suction design, convenient for users to wireless charging side brush drama, in addition, also support watch, headset wireless charging at the same time, charging without waiting.
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Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the wireless charging chassis is equipped with a PCB board, which uses the belland d9622 master control with d9015 and d9011 drivers respectively to realize the wireless charging of mobile phones and headphones. This is the "one core dual charging" scheme developed by Beland, with high integration and simple circuit, is very suitable for the design of Miniaturized Wireless charger. The watch part adopts independent wireless charging module, uses sct63140 for wireless charging driver, supports Apple version and Samsung version.