Disassembly report: Anker aa1c 38W double port fast charging charger a2630

Not long ago, Anker launched a 1a1c dual port fast charging charger. The maximum output power of usb-c and usb-a ports are 18W and 20W respectively. The dual port outputs are independent of each other and have no influence on each other, with a total output of 38W. It is worth mentioning that this charger has also been authorized by oppo vooc accessories, usb-a port supports vooc / Dash / warp protocol, and can realize low-voltage direct charging for oppo, one plus and other brand models.

As we all know, oppo vooc flash charging technology is quite powerful, but as a private agreement, only a few powerful third-party brands are authorized. As a brand authorized by oppo vooc flash charging, Anke is the first to launch this 38W 1a1c dual port fast charging charger, which enriches the choice space of vooc flash charging users in terms of accessories. Now let's disassemble it to see how to design the interior.

Previously, the charging head network has also disassembled many chargers, such as Anker 65W PD fast charger, Anker 30W Gan charger, Anker powercore fusion PD super charger, Anker 60W Gan charger, Anker 65W Gan 4-port desktop charger, Anker nano 18W fast charger, Anker powerport atom PD 4 100W charger, Anker powerport 5-port USB PD charger, etc, You can click the blue font to view the details of product disassembly.

1、 Appearance of Anke 38W double port fast charging charger

On the front of the package, you can clearly see the official authorization of oppo, which supports vooc flash charging. This is the most special feature of this product. On the right side is the appearance display of the product. From the interface, you can see that the product has 1c1a dual output interface, and also has a parameter information. At the bottom, you can also see the vooc flash charging version of Anker 38W dual port charger.

The packaging box adopts a folding design. The front of the product can be seen directly from the right side, and some specific information of the product can be seen from the folding.

Take a look at the description of the folding part, and describe some features of the product. The foldable pin is more portable to carry. The built-in LED charging indicator light can know the charging status at any time. The usb-c output port supports 18W fast charging of apple and Android devices; Usb-a output port supports oppo device 20W vooc flash charging. The charger is made of PC flame retardant material and white shell. The surface is treated with piano baking paint. The edges and corners are smooth and smooth. Anker brand is printed in the center of the fuselage shell.

The input end adopts foldable national standard pins, and the double wing support design is added on both sides to ensure that the charger can be inserted into the socket more stably.

The output end is equipped with 1a1c interface and indicator light, the blue rubber core of usb-c port is not exposed to copper, and the green rubber core of usb-a port.

The bottom shell is marked with charger parameter information

Model: a2630

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.3A

Maximum output power: 38W

Usb-c output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 2A

Usb-a output: 5V / 4A

The product has passed CCC certification.

The measured charger length is 61.8mm with vernier caliper.

The width is 63.2mm.

The thickness is 28.5mm. The thickness and the diameter of a dollar coin are compared directly.

The net weight is about 113g. Use chargerlab power-z kt002 to detect usb-c port output protocol, support apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0 and other fast charging protocols. In addition, its PDO message shows that the usb-c port also supports the USB pd3.0 fast charging standard, and has two groups of fixed voltage gears, 5v3a and 9v2a.

In addition, kt002 is used to detect the output protocol of usb-a port. The display supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5V / 2a, DCP and vooc / Dash / warp protocols.

2、 Disassembly of Anke double port fast charging charger

When the fuselage shell is disassembled, the components on the front of PCB board are basically glued and fixed, and the two transformers are very conspicuous, which indicates that the interior of the transformer is two-way independent design, and the two output bus bases are welded vertically with small plates.

The pins are sealed and fixed with screws and plastic plates, and the AC wire is glued and insulated.

Take apart the pin end.

The main heating chip on the back of PCB board is pasted with thermal pad to help heat conduction.

Remove the thermal pad, you can see that there are two PWM master chips on the back, and the boundary between the primary stages is obvious.

Through the observation and analysis of the front and back circuit of PCB board, it is found that the charger of Anke adopts two independent output circuits, and the two circuits adopt the wide range output of switching power supply, and the output voltage architecture is controlled by the protocol chip. Next, we start from the input end to understand the components of the two circuits.

The first is the usb-c circuit list, you can see high-voltage capacitors, transformers, Y capacitors, solid-state capacitors and other common components.

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Summary of dismantling charging head net

The surface of Anker's double port quick charging charger is treated with bright baking paint process. The edges and corners are smooth and smooth. It's easy to use. Usb-c port supports USB pd3.0 fast charging standard, and has two groups of fixed voltage gears, 5v3a and 9v2a; Usb-a port supports vooc / Dash / warp protocol. The charger not only supports dual port fast charging at the same time, but also can be used for oppo mobile phone fast charging, which is rare in the market.
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It is learned from the disassembly of the charging head network that this charger adopts a dual independent output architecture. In the AC-DC part, the two circuits of usb-c and usb-a adopt PI inn3366c and inn3265c with Ubiq rectifier MOS transistor for wide range output respectively; The output voltage is controlled by cypress USB PD protocol chip cypd3175 and sc2002a. The internal rectifying and protecting MOS transistors are all from Ubiq. At the same time, the charger internal glue, stability is guaranteed.