Disassembly of Samsung 25W AFC fast charging charger ep-ta300

Previously, the charging head network has successively disassembled two wireless charging accessories of Samsung dual wireless charging base ep-n6100 and Samsung dual wireless charging base 2019. We found that in order to meet the power output requirements when charging two devices at the same time, the two wireless charging bases are equipped with 25W adapters. Compared with the traditional 15W mobile phone charging, the adapter of the wireless charging base has a 12V voltage range. The following article will bring you the internal disassembly of Samsung 25W AFC charger.

1、 Appearance of Samsung 25W AFC fast charging charger

White shell, two-stage fuselage structure, the surface of the piano paint treatment, the front only screen printed a lightning logo, no Samsung logo.

The back is the detailed parameter information. Travel charger; Model: ep-ta300; Input: 100-240V ~, 50-60Hz, 1.0A; Output: 12V / 2.1a, 9V / 1.67a, 5.0v/2.0a; Manufacturer: solum Vina Company Limited. The charger has passed CCC certification and meets VI (VI) energy efficiency standard. Samsung Electronics, made in Vietnam.

The logo of Samsung is printed on the top.

GB non foldable pin.

The charger's output interface is set at the side, single usb-a port output, white rubber core.

The thickness of the charger is equal to the diameter of a dollar coin.

Compared with its own 15W charger, it is obvious that the volume of 25W is much larger.

The charger weighs about 67g.

The output protocol of charger is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt001. The display supports USB DCP, qc2.0 (up to 12V) and AFC (up to 12V).

Charging Samsung S10 plus, display voltage 9.06v, current 1.62a, charging power about 14.72w, support fast charging.

Charge Xiaomi 9, display voltage is 9.01v, current is 1.38a, charging power is about 12.48w, support fast charging.

Charging the Huawei P30 pro, the voltage is 5.26v, the current is 1.87a, the charging power is about 9.87w, and the fast charging mode is not turned on.

To charge the iPhone XS max, the voltage is 5.08v, the current is 0.98a, and the charging power is about 5W.

2、 Disassembly of Samsung 25W AFC fast charging charger

Pry open the cover of the charging top shell to see the internal PCBA module.

The tail end of AC pin inside the shell is equipped with metal shrapnel, which can keep good contact with PCB board when PCB board is inserted.
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The front of PCB board is mainly composed of plug-in components. There are fuse, NTC surge suppression resistor, filter inductor, filter electrolytic capacitor, transformer, usb-a bus, output solid-state filter capacitor and other components.

From the side, this charger uses a flat-panel transformer, with a Y capacitor between the primary and secondary to prevent output interference.
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The output line of the secondary side of the flat transformer is welded on the PCB board through its own terminal.

Input fuse, NTC surge suppression resistor, inductor, etc. Two large filtering electrolytic capacitors are placed horizontally to save space.

Fuse close-up, f1.6a.
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Close up of inductance coil, silk screen l20850.

PWM chip power supply capacitor, 10 μ F 35V。

Next to the transformer, there is another one with the same size of 10 μ F 35V。

An inductive coil wrapped in a heat shrinkable tube.

Two input filter electrolytic capacitors, one long and one short, are arranged in parallel, with the specification of 400V 22 μ F. The temperature range is - 20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃.

According to the charging head network, Huawei charger hw-059200chq, vivo xplay5 power adapter, LETV qc3.0 dual protocol fast charging eq-24bcn, Meizu pro6 original charger, bull USB patch board gn-b303u and other products are also used in the products of dialog iw671 synchronous rectifier controller.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

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The charging head network has previously revealed that Samsung's standard charger no longer supports qc2.0 fast charging protocol since the galaxy S9, which greatly reduces the versatility of the charger. The disassembled charger still retains the support of qc2.0 protocol. With 25W output power, it can be used not only to drive wireless chargers, but also to supply power to common QC mobile phones and mobile phones Mobile power fast charging, more practical.

After disassembly, it is found that Samsung's 25W charger adopts a full set of dialog charging scheme. The dialog charging scheme has been adopted by many Samsung chargers before. The product has high integration and reliable performance. The internal components are all first-line manufacturers with exquisite workmanship and reliable quality.