Disassembly of Lenovo 65W PD fast charging charger with built-in main control chip of Anson ncp1342

Original title: Lenovo 65W PD fast charging charger disassembled, with the main control chip of Ansenmei ncp1342 built in

Recently, the charging head network noticed Lenovo Lenovo has a 65W PD fast charging charger, which is manufactured by Comtech, which adopts the current mainstream square column design and has high power density ³, But the conventional quick charging scheme is adopted. But it is not uncommon to design such a small charger with conventional scheme, which makes the small editor very curious. Now that we have this product, we will disassemble it in detail and see the specific materials for construction.

1、 Lenovo 65W charger is designed with common square column shape, smooth and white waist, smooth and smooth waist, smooth transition between all sides, and fixed national standard pin is used at the input end.

The Lenovo brand and 65W power are respectively set at the opposite corner of one side. Charger parameters are marked on the input housing

Model: adlx65uagc2d

Input: 100-240v-50/60hz 1.8A

Output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 15v3a, 65W Max

Manufacturer: Kangshu Technology Co., Ltd

The products have passed CCC certification, China Energy Conservation Certification and VI energy efficiency certification. The top usb-c port is arranged by the edge, and the yellow rubber core is not exposed to copper.


The length of charger body measured by vernier caliper is. Width is.

Compared with apple 61W charger, the volume advantage is very obvious.

The intuitive feeling of holding it in the hand.

The net weight is about 97G. The usb-c port measured by chargerab power-z kt002 supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5v2a, DCP protocol, qc4+, PPS fast charging protocol. In addition, PDO message shows that port C also has 5v3a, 9v3a, 15v3a, four fixed voltage gears, and 5-One set of PPS voltage gears.


2、 Lenovo 65W charger disassembly

Take the input end shell apart and connect with black and white AC wires.

PCBA module wraps the insulator and brass fins and adheres the tape to secure.

The heat sink is also connected and fixed with PCB board solder.

Remove the heat sink and the isolation board. Four heat transfer pads are attached on the back of the main board, corresponding to the main heating devices such as rectifier bridge and primary MOS tube.

PCB front is at a glance, and primary common mode inductors, capacitors and transformers are also equipped with heat conduction pads. The length of the motherboard is measured by using vernier caliper. At the back of PCB board, there are two rectifying bridges, the main control chip of switch power supply, high voltage switch tube, optocoupler, two patch Y capacitors, synchronous rectifier and output VBUS switch tube. The whole periphery looks very simple. After removing the large devices on the front of the main board, it can be found that some small devices such as resistance and capacitance are actually set on the front side, and the secondary side also has synchronous rectifier controller and protocol IC.


It is found that Lenovo 65W PD fast charging charger adopts a typical architecture of switching power output in a wide range and controlled by protocol chip. Next we will start to understand the components and components from the input.


The input end of charger is equipped with small board, and the left common mode inductance is also equipped with plastic base. A high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitor is arranged horizontally in the middle, and a single large capacity scheme is set.

The charging head network understands that the y-capacitor of the special Ruixiang patch can be used by many large-power chargers such as mcdo 100W gallium nitride, oppo 65W super flash charged Gan charger, Lenovo 90W Gan fast charging, Nubia 65W Gan charger, bets 120W Gan + SiC PD fast charging charger, etc., and can also be used in 20W Mini charging of hailutcom, first Wei and Belkin, Performance is recognized by customers.

The screen printing iazem secondary synchronous rectifier controller is actually mp6908 of MPS core semiconductor, which supports wide output voltage range, supports dcm/ccm/ quasi resonance operation mode, and supports synchronous rectification of high side and low side.


Mp6908 detailed specification parameters.

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The charging head network has learned that the standard 100W charger is available for redmibook Pro 15 notebook, 40W 2a1c desktop charger for IKEA, 65W PD fast charging charger for Lenovo notebook, 65W PD fast charging charger for Samsung, 100W 3c1a fast charging charger for flash pole, 65W PD fast charging charger for Anke In addition, the MPS synchronous rectifier chip is also used by dozens of products such as original 45W fast charging charger of 9 pro, ThinkPlus 45W USB PD charger, and purple rice 65W 2c1a desktop PD fast charging charger. Summary of dismantling charging head net


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Lenovo is a very simple charger with a white case, Lenovo brand and 65W power on the waist, and a fixed pin on the input. Performance support, qc4+, PPS fast charging protocol, with 5v3a, 9v3a, 15v3a, 5-voltage gear, to meet the demand of pen and mobile phone fast charging.


The charging head network is understood through disassembly that the PCBA module of charger is very simple and hierarchical. Ansenmei ncp1342 is used in combination with ipl60r185c7 high voltage MOS of Infineon, and MPs mp6908 is combined with the synchronous rectifier of Ansenmei fdms86181 to form a switching power supply, and the output voltage is controlled by the core chip of Tongjia ld6612qm protocol. One Aihua high capacity capacitor is used for input filtering and two solid-state capacitors for output filtering. The overall material is also very solid. Go back to Sohu and see more