Disassemble a counterfeit Huawei charging head, model hw-050450c00

Huawei's 5V / 4.5a, 4.5v/5a charging head is one of the hardest hit areas of Shanhuo. If it is not the original factory, there is a great chance that it will buy high imitation Shanzhai products.

This "Huawei" fast charging head was bought by a friend in a mobile phone store in a first tier city on his way home before the Mid Autumn Festival. He took it for emergency charging on the high-speed railway.


After a few days at home, I always feel that the charging speed is not as fast as the original one, and the heat is much higher than the original one. So show me if it's original.

Huawei logo is printed on the front of the charging head, and there is no flaw in the shell workmanship. There is parameter printing on the bottom of the charging head. The model is hw-050450c00. The printing is fine and the color is dark. We didn't find the rough printing and light color features of mountain goods on the Internet.

Take the original one for comparison, the left side is the original one, the weight and feel are almost the same.

It's on the side, and on the left it's genuine.

Compared with the top charging port, the right side is genuine.


The top u-port of the original genuine goods is printed with Huawei marking details.

The following is a suspected fake.

Let's take a look at the loading capacity of Yamato. When the output is 3.3a, the voltage has dropped to 4.4V. The output voltage is 3.3a and 4.4V.

When the output is 4a, the voltage drops to 3.7V. Output 4a, voltage 3.7V.

This is a mountain product charger. When the voltage basically reaches the standard, it can only barely reach 3.3a. After about 10 minutes, the charger is very hot.

This is the original head of Huawei, easily up to 4.5a/5v, with load for half an hour, the shell of charging head is normally warm.

In fact, the simplest way is to use a magnet to absorb, and to distinguish the true from the false

The original product is copper pin, the magnet is not absorbable. Towel sledgehammer method, nondestructive open shell look.

See this inside scene, already is mountain goods without doubt.

Successfully pull out the core of the cottage.

Take a look inside the shell, and it's well done.

For a mountain goods, counterweight is necessary. It is to achieve the weight similar to the authentic products, so as to confuse consumers and some uninformed businesses.

The black counterweight is bigger than the high voltage filter capacitor.

The glue is very firm. It took a lot of effort to pull it off.

There's a chip on the bottom, and the counterweight is attached to it for heat dissipation?


This chip should be a primary PWM chip.

Remove the thermal conductive adhesive, the chip words are bjm7100, 22v1948, no relevant data can be found.

When you buy Huawei's original 5V / 4.5a, 4.5v/5a chargers separately, don't be greedy. Those selling below 40 yuan in offline stores and online stores are fakes. If possible, you can use a special tester to measure the current (for mobile phones that support Huawei's low-voltage charging protocol, the charging current must be at least 4A or above when the battery is less than half of its capacity, so the chargers can be genuine), There is no condition to take a magnet directly to distinguish the true and false.