Departure: as long as you like, full function C to C data line

With more and more digital products around us, we always have a data line on hand. Every business trip requires not only mobile phone charging, but also notebook charging, and a mobile hard disk. Today, we bring a full-featured C to C data cable, which can help you solve your worries. Four kinds of length are available, the outer is woven, strong and durable, to meet your various needs.

iPhone 12 charger port

The wire plug is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and strong. The plug is plated with gold to prevent aging and poor contact. The tail of the wire is lengthened to ensure that it is not easy to crack and crack in daily bending. Especially for this kind of thick wire, the tail of the wire is often overburdened because of the internal extrusion and winding of the wire. When purchasing, we must recognize the thickened net tail.

The data line transmission specification is usb3.1 Gen2, and the maximum transmission speed is 10Gbps, meeting the transmission requirements of most mobile hard disks.

iPhone Charger Adapter
The reason why we call full-function data line is that it can not only transmit data and charge, but also can even override the task and support it 4K@60HZ Instead of traditional HDMI video line, video output is used to transmit video.

iPhone 12 charger port

The data line with e-marker chip can also carry 100W of high current, compatible with PD protocol, intelligent identification of output power, and the measured parameters meet the requirements. Solid appearance work, let you a line of war in the future!