Data cable CE certification standard is en55032

Data cable is used to connect mobile devices and computers to achieve the purpose of data transmission or communication. Popularly speaking, it is a channel tool used to connect the computer and mobile device to transmit video, ring tones, pictures and other files. It can also connect the charger to charge the mobile device.

Now, with the rapid development of electronic industry, data cable has become an indispensable part of our life. So, what kind of certification should data cables be exported to the EU? ——There is no doubt that the answer is CE certification.

The data cable is exported to EU for CE certification, and the main testing standards are en55032 and en55035.

The test items are as follows:

Conducted disturbance, radiated disturbance, electrostatic discharge immunity, RF electromagnetic radiation immunity, electrical fast transient immunity, surge immunity, conducted immunity induced by RF field, power frequency magnetic field immunity, voltage sag immunity, short interruption immunity and voltage variation immunity

Data cable CE certification process:

Make an application;

Provide product photos, instructions, model parameters, etc.

According to the corresponding CE instruction and test standard.

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