Cyspo car wireless charger mobile phone bracket horizontal vertical dual purpose 15W wireless charging board

Cyspo car wireless charger has the characteristics of one hand operation. It uses integrated 2D acrylic as the charging panel to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of car charging to mobile phones and make charging faster. When the power is turned on, the atmosphere lamp lights up, and the arm clamping atmosphere lamp echoes with the car. The integrated design makes the appearance and performance better.

Components of cyspo vehicle wireless charging bracket

Cyspo car charger

The wireless charging vehicle bracket adopts roller type clamping arm, with thermoplastic plastic inside the clamping arm and anti-skid pad inside the bottom support, which has the effect of anti-skid, anti scratch and stability, and can effectively avoid the problem of machine injury during clamping. When in use, even if the road is bumpy, the anti-skid roller can be double locked, which can ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

The wireless charging bracket adopts roller type

One hand operation can also ensure driving safety

360 degree adjustment

The cyspo universal wireless car charging bracket is compatible with a variety of charging mobile phones with Qi wireless function. The 15W double coil design can realize large coil and high power rapid charging

The key design on the top of the bracket allows the clip arm to unfold by gently pressing, the mobile phone can be easily put in and charged, and it can be taken out by one hand by gently touching the side key. The built-in FOD metal foreign body detection function can provide safety guarantee for equipment charging. The fixed clip adopts the design of universal rotating ball, 360 degree adjustment, which can adjust its own comfortable angle, and can also be used in horizontal and vertical screens to realize charging while guiding With the function of navigation, even one hand operation can ensure driving safety.

When the clamp arm is connected to the power supply, the atmosphere lamp will light up, and the clamp arm atmosphere lamp will echo with the car

Usage of cyspo vehicle wireless charging system

In addition to the above advantages, it also has 9 protection functions, so that you can feel safe in the process of driving and drive at ease!