Cycling glasses recommendation

There are many styles of riding glasses such as spiuk, Topeak | Tuobu, etc. you can go to Meiqi to buy them

If your eyesight is normal, congratulations. You can choose your favorite riding glasses. They look cool and have certain practical effects. They can also prevent flying insects or dust from entering your eyes. If you are short-sighted, it's a pity that you'd better wear your glasses honestly. I don't recommend wearing contact lenses and cycling glasses. Long distance travel is not as good as usual. It's windy and sunny. It's not clean. Besides, it's easy for eyes to be dry and airtight, causing great damage to eyes. I've bought many pairs of cycling glasses that can be installed with lenses, but I'm sorry to say that none of them can satisfy me. There is a big conflict between the design of cycling glasses close to the face and the installation of myopia lenses. Moreover, this often leads to a significant increase in the weight of glasses, and the lenses are also very close to the glasses, which not only has poor effect, but also is very easy to get water and gas, It's a blur. Finally, I want to remind you that some glasses can be changed by a variety of lenses, with different colors and different uses. In addition, if you choose riding glasses, you must choose them according to the face shape. It's better to wear them on site. If you can't wear a good-looking mirror, it's a common headache to wear a mirror card. The nose rest must be soft and elastic, and the leg of the mirror can ensure that the large angle bending is not broken. Glasses, used for bicycles, must meet the requirements of UV protection, unbroken, good air permeability, and close to face design. Generally, UV protection is the standard UV400, good air permeability is to keep your vision clear, and close to face design is to prevent foreign matters from entering your eyes.

A good pair of bicycle glasses, not only need to have PL lens (polarizer - defined below), more important is the weight of the lens and frame, and the design between the bridge of nose and brow bone. The speed of riding is fast, so the bridge of nose should be well supported, and it won't slide because of vibration. The design of the upper edge of eyebrow bone is also very particular, so sweat can't flow to the lens along the frame. The permeability of the lens is very important for cycling. The fast flowing air will take away the moisture and will not fog on the glasses. The material structure of the lens itself is the most important. In addition to the PL function, it is very important for the bicycle lens to use PC lens. When the lens is under strong impact, it will not be broken and will not produce debris harmful to the eyes. Its strength is also incomparable with ordinary lenses.

Types of coating

Usually coating: that is, the mercury like film on the sun lens, some shallow, some deep, depending on the degree of shading you need. If the sun is very general, the deep and deep coating is the same as the shading glass on the car window.

SFM coating: the color is usually mercury / Rainbow / Blue / and gold mercury, highly abrasion resistant, with 6 layers of new information, clearer and glossy than usual plating.

Lens appearance: adhere to the original color, especially the light color and progressive color, the effect is clear, it is very simple to see the original color of things, the lens is glossy, looks very comfortable, not like the usual mercury contrast dim. In particular, the original perspective of the film after mercury plating remains unchanged or slightly changes by 1-2%, reducing reflection and adding comfort. If the quality of the mercury film is not good, the fluoroscopy rate will be significantly reduced, and there will be glare, which will cause the wearer to see his own eyes from the back of the film.

AR coating: myopia or some high-quality glasses will choose, it is a combination of multi-layer extremely thin inorganic compounds, using leading machines to imitate vacuum plating. Sunglasses are often plated on the back. It can improve light perspective, clear and comfortable visual sense, reduce reflection, improve night vision, reduce fatigue and reduce computer radiation.

Revo mercury: that is colorful mercury. Usually sports glasses are used. There are blue Revo / Black Red Revo / Green Revo / orange Revo / it is made of 8-12 layers of extremely thin mercury plating, so it is relatively expensive. Its anti solar radiation effect is very good, its color is colorful, it can match the color of glasses, and it has waterproof effect. When he plating, he added water repellent, which can make the appearance of the film very smooth. Waterproof is that water drops on the film can quickly open, and will not stay on the film.