Contact lens monopoly

A medical consideration: the possibility of keratoconus is that myopia and astigmatism increase rapidly, and the power changes rapidly

Second, from the perspective of visual optics

1 belongs to the problem of optometry, after optometry, the correction power is not groove, resulting in the excessive adjustment of the eyes in the later use process, increase the load of the eyes, make the eyes tired, increase the axial length, and increase the degree of myopia

2 is astigmatism in the given power when not given, resulting in an increase in the composition of asthenopia, easy to cause myopia

What's your advice

Corneal topography and slit lamp were used to judge keratoconus in hospital

In the absence of keratoconus, refract again to determine the best corrected visual acuity and give the best correction degree

Pay attention to rest

4. Wear frame glasses suitable for you.

As long as it's genuine, it's the same everywhere. I hate the spectacle companies like Wu Liangcai, who depend on their popularity in China to charge indiscriminately.

In fact, there is a reference price for each model. I don't know what brand you usually use. The most economical products are sold in half a year, such as Bausch & Lomb and Weikang. A couple is about 75 yuan, and sometimes they also engage in activities.

You are in Suzhou. I don't know if you have a contact lens store called eye City, which specializes in selling contact lenses. The price is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed.

I personally think that the eyeglasses net is very good. Anyway, I buy it from here every time. The quality is good, and the price is very affordable. It is also an authoritative eyeglass net. What brand of glasses have? Sometimes there will be activities with super value and special benefits. It is quite cheap

You are talking about the contact lenses with a relatively partial door. The large brand contact lenses are all walking now, because everyone knows the price in our hearts, and the physical glasses store will not be very expensive, and the online price may be cheaper. But some cold door products, online can search the price, pricing will not be high, but we are not familiar with it, the physical store after the sales of the salesmen sold to you after the profit is relatively large.