Contact lens battery

1. Johnson contact lens is the most famous brand among all contact lenses. Founded in 1886, Johnson contact lens is one of the top ten contact lens brands in the world, specializing in lens design technology and vision care.

2. Bausch & Lomb contact lens is a joint venture between Bausch & Lomb and Beijing 608 factory in 1991. It is a world contact lens brand. Bausch & Lomb is the first contact lens manufacturer. The wearing cycle is from the shortest daily to the average annual, which is suitable for the needs of more people.

3. Haichang is the first foreign-funded enterprise specializing in the production of soft contact lenses in China. It is one of the top ten brands of contact lenses and a famous brand in the industry. Moreover, the performance and price of Haichang contact lenses are very in line with the requirements of Chinese people for contact lenses. It is the most suitable contact lens brand for Chinese people.

4. Shikang is one of the world's top ten contact lens brands, a multinational group in the global pharmaceutical and health care industry, and a world-class leading manufacturer of optical and ophthalmic products. The biggest advantage of Shikang's day and night contact lenses is that it is the world's first contact lens that can be worn to sleep for 30 consecutive days.

5. Weikang is one of the world's largest manufacturers and sellers of turning contact lenses, specializing in the manufacture and sales of contact lenses.

6. Keleibo CLEARLAB is the most influential contact lens brand in Asia, a famous brand in the industry and one of the top ten contact lens brands.

7. Cooper is one of the three largest contact lens manufacturers in the world, a professional contact lens manufacturer and one of the top ten contact lens brands. Although Kubo doesn't know much about it in China, Kubo contact lenses are the preferred brand for myopia in many parts of the world.

Haichang and Bausch & Lomb I use monthly Bausch & Lomb. Monthly Bausch & Lomb is replaced in one month, and half year Bausch & Lomb is only allowed to wear contact lenses for half a year. It is generally recommended to wear one-year type, and then it can be replaced with monthly or half year Bausch & Lomb. The price of Haichang and Bausch & Lomb is almost the same. The monthly Bausch & Lomb I buy is more than 400 (12 months), It's only about 40 models a month, and the price of different brands is different. The price of famous brands is generally 300-500. It's better to go to an optical shop to consult in person

Bring Johnson! Although more expensive, but especially good for the eyes, can be considered the best contact eyes! Johnson and Johnson is a month to throw, is a month for a new pair! A box of 12, 198 yuan, the same degree! If two eyes have the same degree, a box of 12 can be used for half a year. If two eyes have different degrees, buy two boxes, 198 * 2 can be used for one year! Although more expensive, but the money spent on the eyes, it is worth it!

If you like to be more natural, Haichang's baby mirror is really natural to say! If you don't look carefully, it's hard to find that you're wearing a color chip, because it's not all black, but dark brown, which is very similar to the color of your eyes. If you like black... For example, if you like some non mainstream brands of "snowflake" black, your eyes will be black and bright, And it's selling well. It's more natural than black ring. Color... Purple is not recommended. Originally wearing purple... It's not the effect on the picture at all. It's like dead fish eye. In short, it feels strange... So I didn't wear it after wearing it several times. If I want blue, I suggest asking whether the effect is dark blue or light blue in advance. I want to buy dark blue. Other colors, red is too conspicuous, If the skin color is not white, try not to choose green. I don't like gray. Although I haven't worn this color before, I always feel that it may make my eyes turbid. Ha, misunderstanding. There is a Korean brand with hidden color pattern, which claims that it is delivered in Shanghai. However, I don't recommend buying this kind of pattern. Although it will be very fresh, it is not recommended, Personal experience: buy will regret... Alas! I can't see the patterns from a distance. I think the effect is good. The patterns make my eyes look brighter. But when I look closer, I can't bear to see. It's like something is wrong with my eyes. I'm depressed