Concentrated essence, mini PD charging head, South card design products.

Apple mobile phone has been leading the trend, which is the trendsetter of the times. Every innovation and change always leads to the continuous development and progress of science and technology. At the same time, the surrounding industries will also change. The launch of Apple's mobile phone has overturned the concept of generations of people. Does the mobile phone have to be equipped with a power adapter? Now the times are different. After the launch of apple, there is no power adapter. Although some people don't quite understand it in a short time, in fact, with the continuous progress of science and technology, it is an inevitable trend. Even if Apple's mobile phone goes on the market and cancels the attached power adapter, the market share and sales volume of the iPhone 12 will not be affected. In other words, it has become a fact that the iPhone does not have a charger. Next, how to choose a charger suitable for the iPhone is a key. Just the author received the newly launched pd20w Mini fast charging head of South card. Let's give you a brief introduction. With the continuous change of mobile phone fast charging, the fast charging protocols of major mobile phone manufacturers have been known, such as PD, QC, FCP and so on. They are familiar and are used around us every day.


1 Product unpacking:

At first, when I saw the poster of the mini charger in South Carolina, I thought it was really small. When I got it, it was really small as I wanted to. Let's not talk about the size. Let's guess the size of the body from the outer package. The size of the nank-c1 Mini charger is 50% smaller than that of the ordinary charger. The whole outer packaging adopts the blue and white double element collocation rule. At the same time, the product features C-Port charging, and the 20W white characters on black background are very prominent; Compared with the ordinary charger, the charging speed is three times faster. See the figure, see the power, and then the agreement, support C port pd3.0 fast charge.

One side of South card pd20w Mini charging head outer package is over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over charge protection and so on.


South card pd20w Mini charger is a process for you to go when you want to travel at home. As long as you have one charger, the whole family can not take it with you. It's so willful. For apple, the South card pd20w Mini charging head is 20W fast charging for Apple mobile phone and 18W fast charging for Android mobile phone. After opening the package, the small body and the user's manual are presented in front of us. With the apple mobile phone without power adapter and the South card pd20w Mini charger without data cable, ha ha ha.

2 Product details:

Nanka pd20w Mini charging head is only 32 * 33.5 * 33mm in size and 41.5g in weight. It has a white body, rounded edge grinding process and C-Port design. On one side of the C-Port of the body, there is an art font of Nank, and there is an indicator light under the font. On the right side of the fuselage, the label of pd20w is very eye-catching.


The pin of South card pd20w Mini charging head is foldable, which can be folded when not in use. It doesn't occupy space, and it's very convenient to use. You can break it directly with your fingers. On the one side of the pin, the details of the product specifications are very clear,

South card pd20w Mini charging head is famous for its small size. I specially compared the size of power adapter of Apple mobile phone. Although it is slightly larger than that of Apple mobile phone, it can not affect the size of South card pd20w Mini charging head, because it supports fast charging, which is much better than that of Apple mobile phone's Wannian 5v1a power adapter. From the top view of the picture, we can see that the rounded corners of the fuselage are processed, which is much better than most chargers on the market which are right angled.

The South card pd20w Mini charging head is divided into three parts: the top, the middle and the bottom. The C port is divided into a boundary by the ring waist line in the middle, and the other end is the power pin. The interface of South card pd20w charging head is type-C port. On the one hand, it adapts to the development trend of the times. At present, most of the ports on the market are C port, and the a port is less and less; At the same time, by comparing the data cable interface of iPhone and combining with the data cable of iPhone, it can be concluded that the South card pd20w Mini charger is a customized power adapter plug for iPhone users.


After all, the South card pd20w Mini charger is a C-Port charging design. In order to better display the white body of the South card pd20w Mini charger, I chose a black data line to better display the South card pd20w Mini charger.

3 User experience:

South card pd20w Mini charging head for Android mobile phone charging operation, as well as apple mobile phone charging operation, the effect is still very obvious. During the charging operation, the charging indicator light of South card pd20w Mini charging head is blue. As long as it is in the charging operation, the indicator light will always be blue.

Based on the PD fast charging standard, the South card pd20w Mini charger supports three outputs: 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a and 12V / 1.67a. The 9V / 2.22a output is used for the pd20w fast charging of the iPhone 12 series mobile phone, while the 5V / 3a and 12V / 1.67a outputs can be used for the fast charging of the Android mobile phone. In addition, the flat panel, smart watch and real wireless Bluetooth headset are also compatible for charging.

4 Conclusion:


1.Small size, easy to carry

  1. Support C port power supply
  1. Support pd3.0 fast charging protocol, 20W, 18W fast charging
  1. The foldable pin can avoid scratching other articles when carrying.


  1. The color matching of products can be more abundant, and consumers will have more choices.
  1. If it is equipped with a C-Port dual output plug, it will be more perfect.

Summary: South card pd20w Mini charger is compact, light and easy to carry; Foldable pins and ul94-v0 fireproof PC are used in the shell, with good flame retardant performance, higher power density and power conversion efficiency, which makes the quick charging head have good appearance; Support the most pd20w charging power, so that smart devices charging more time-saving. The price of Apple's power adapter is twice that of the mini pd20w charging head of South Carolina. In the case that Apple doesn't take the power adapter as the standard configuration, it's a wise choice to choose this one.