Compact and fast charging, no need to wait long, aohi magcube30w charger experience

With the cancellation of Apple 12 series charger before, it caused a lot of dissatisfaction. Although the charging efficiency of the original charger is extremely slow, fortunately, apple 12 series can support 20W fast charging, which is no longer the same as ordinary charging. However, it also allows users to choose charging heads with higher charging efficiency. Aohai technology is the core manufacturer of original chargers for many international brands of mobile phones. Recently, it launched an aohi magcube30w charger, which is small, light and efficient. Let's take a look at its experience.

1、 Unpacking appearance

The packaging box of aohi magcube30w charger is simple and beautiful, with clear charger appearance printed on the front, and brand logo, name and model beside. There are some main features on the side and the main selling points on the back, but they are all in English. For the convenience of reading, they are labeled in Chinese.

Aohi magcube30w charger appearance adopts minimalist design, classic black appears low-key and steady, each corner adopts arc treatment, feels smooth and comfortable, the surface uses frosting technology, greatly improves the overall appearance of the aesthetic feeling, making it no longer monotonous.

The overall size of aohi magcube30w charger is 28 * 28 * 32mm. It is small and light, about the size of your thumb. It can be carried in your pocket and doesn't occupy much space. Compared with previous chargers, it is much smaller and weighs only 42g, which is convenient to carry out.

The front adopts a three-dimensional micro carved diamond pattern design, and there is an inconspicuous LED indicator on the top, which can understand the current working state of the charger through the different light colors displayed by the indicator. When the indicator light is green for a long time, it means that the charger is in the micro current charging state; When the blue light is on for a long time, it means that the charger is in normal charging state; When the Yellow breath flashes, it means that the charger is in the fast charging state.

There is a type-C interface at the bottom, which supports a variety of fast charging protocols. The maximum power can reach 30W, and the silver metal edge is used, which can avoid the damage of the interface caused by repeatedly plugging in and out the charging line.
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The brand logo is printed on one side, which adds a lot of color to it. The charging plug is set at the bottom. If it can be folded, it will be more perfect and convenient to carry.

The product name, model, input and output and other related parameters are printed on the bottom. It can be seen that the input of the charger supports a wide range of AC voltage from 100 to 240 V, while the output supports a variety of fast charging technologies such as 5V ~ 3a, 9V ~ 2.22a, 9V ~ 2.77a, 15V ~ 2a, 20V ~ 1.5A, 3.3-11v ~ 3a. The maximum output power is 30 W, which can meet the charging requirements of mainstream intelligent devices on the market.

2、 User experience

Aohi magcube30w charger adopts a new generation of Gan + fast charging technology, which is much smaller and lighter than previous Gan chargers. It is compatible with the current mainstream qc3.0, PD, AFC, SCP and other fast charging protocols. Whether it is apple mobile phone, Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, switch and other devices, it can provide matching fast charging power.

The aohi magcube30w charger can be used by inserting it into the power socket, and then using the corresponding power fast charging line can achieve the best fast charging effect. In the process of charging smart phones, the power tester found that the charging power of Xiaomi 6, which supports qc3.0 fast charging, can reach 17.2w, which is very close to the maximum 18W of mobile phone fast charging. It can be seen that this charger can maximize the charging efficiency of smart phones and greatly shorten the charging time, which is much faster than ordinary chargers.

For friends who often travel on business, they will carry their notebooks with them, but their bulky chargers are extremely inconvenient. If they don't, they are worried that their notebooks will be out of power at the critical moment. With the aohi magcube30w charger, you can put the troublesome Notebook Charger at home, which can provide the fast charging power matched with the notebook. It's much lighter to carry on business trips, and it doesn't take up much space.
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Aohi magcube30w charger can intelligently identify the connected charging devices, support charging of micro current devices such as earphones and bracelets, and match the voltage and current required by the connected devices. There are also built-in output over-current protection, input over-current protection, short circuit protection, anti-interference protection, over temperature protection and shell fire protection and other multiple safety measures, which can be used safely.

3、 Experience summary

Aohi magcube30w charger is small and light, easy to carry out, and supports a variety of mainstream fast charging protocols. It is very convenient to use at home or on business. It supports a maximum power of 30W, which can fully meet the charging needs of mobile phones, tablets, headphones and other digital devices at home.