Cold knowledge: when the mobile phone is fully charged, should the power or data cable be pulled out first?

Some time ago, someone left a message to the professor in the background: the power consumption of mobile phones is getting faster and faster. What's the matter?

Many small partners will find that when they just change their mobile phones, they only need to charge 1-2 times a day. But in the later stage, at least 3-4 times a day to charge, mobile phone batteries become less and less durable.

Before entering the right question, the professor asked you two questions: should you plug in the power supply or the data cable first when charging the mobile phone? After the phone is charged, should you unplug the power or data cable first?

I believe that many people have not seriously thought about these problems, so the professor will give you a scientific popularization today~


1 Basic principle of mobile phone charging

As for mobile charging, we need to understand a current concept, surge.

Surge refers to the instantaneous voltage beyond the normal working voltage, also known as instantaneous pulse voltage. It is a kind of transient current in the circuit, which lasts for one millionth of a second.

Usually, the spark that occurs when our electrical appliances contact and plug is surge, and the damage of surge to equipment is quite strong.

The harm of surge can be divided into disaster hazard and accumulation hazard.

Catastrophic hazard: a surge voltage that exceeds the capacity of the device will be completely destroyed or significantly reduced in life.

Cumulative hazard: multiple small surge accumulation effects cause the performance decline of semiconductor devices, equipment failure and short life.


Whether it is using original charger or third-party charger, if you plug in the phone and then plug in the power supply, the phone will generate a certain degree of voltage pulse, which may cause battery loss.

Especially when using some unknown and poor quality chargers, the surge will be higher during charging and the loss will be greater for mobile phones.

Therefore, when charging, it is necessary to choose a safe and reliable charger. The correct charging sequence should be: plug in the charging head first, then plug the mobile phone plug; After the phone is charged, you must first pull the plug and then the charging plug, so as to better protect the cell phone battery.

Otherwise, it is easy to lead to aging of cell phone battery and worse and worse service life.

2 Notes on charging mobile phone

To make the cell phone battery more "long-lived", the following precautions must be kept in mind~

Don't run out of charge


Many people are used to waiting for only about 5% of the electricity to charge when using mobile phones. This behavior is not advisable!


When the power of the mobile phone is very low, the smartphone will automatically turn on the maximum charging power, and the heat generated is the largest.


When the battery power reaches more than 60%, the charging mode will become constant current charging, which will cause less damage to the cell phone battery.

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Therefore, when using mobile phones, do not wait for the power to rush to charge, which will accelerate the battery loss~


Keep away from extreme temperature

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When the phone is charged, the environment temperature is too low or the temperature of the phone itself is too high, which is very easy to damage the battery.


When the ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, the temperature of the battery decreases, and the internal electrolyte resistance gradually increases, which leads to the slow chemical reaction speed, and finally affects the current output of the battery.


Similarly, the acceptable temperature of the battery cannot be too high. Once the cell phone battery temperature is higher than 60 ℃, it is likely that the cell aging will be accelerated due to the abnormal reaction of chemical elements inside the cell phone.


Here is a small skill taught. If the temperature of the phone is too high when charging, you can help heat out by taking the case off.

Don't play with your phone when charging

When the phone is charged, it is not advisable to play the mobile phone as much as possible, and it is more undesirable to play the game while charging~

Because when the phone is in charge, the temperature of the phone will rise. If you brush video or play games at this time, the speed of the phone's heat dissipation will not keep up with, which will bring a great burden on the battery. If it is used for a long time, the battery life will be greatly reduced.

The electricity quantity is kept at 60% - 80%

For mobile phone charging, people often have a mistake, waiting for the mobile phone to charge to 100% before stopping charging.

In fact, it is the best condition to keep the mobile phone power between 65% and 75%. Because the cell phone will make the battery bear pressure after it is full of electricity, which will lose the battery and shorten the battery life.

Of course, we can also expand the scope appropriately, and try to control the power of mobile phones between 60% and 80%.

Choose a safe and reliable charger

Nowadays, more and more mobile phone manufacturers cancel the attached charging head, so that it is a new requirement for many users to choose a high-quality charger.

Choosing a safe, reliable and certified charger can reduce the damage caused by surge during charging.

So many products, how should we choose?

The latest green pd20w fast charging charger, the external green connection small diamond, the size is only 34.5mm*30mm*30mm, the volume is very small.

In view of the heating of mobile phones, green link small diamond not only uses 30W high-power chip, can easily carry 20W power output, but also designs intelligent protection function of charger chip, which can dynamically adjust power according to charging situation.

When the power is fast full, it will start trickle mode intelligently to prevent the continuous high current from entering and losing the battery, and further prevent the high temperature of the mobile phone when charging.

In addition, the green alliance small diamond suit has passed the apple MFI certification, can be upgraded with Apple system synchronously, and the security is also guaranteed.

Performance, small volume is compatible, can provide most iPhone and android with fast charging, and charging speed is no less than apple original 20W charger.

In terms of charging effect, it can achieve the same charging efficiency as apple original charger. It can charge 60% for iPhone 12 in 30 minutes and 80% in an hour.

In general, lvlian is a reliable and cost-effective charger, especially for iPhone users who have not yet purchased fast charging head, it is a better choice~

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I believe that after reading this article, we have a certain understanding of the charging precautions. Mastering the "right" position of charging mobile phones can make our batteries more durable~