Coaxial Technology launched three lightning 3 braided data cables: supporting 100W fast charging and 40Gbps data transmission

The unification of usb-c interface makes it convenient for users. Although the interface is the same, the wires based on usb-c physical interface are different. The power transmission is divided into 3A wire and 5A wire, and the data transmission is divided into 480mbps, 5Gbps, 10Gbps or even higher. It can even transmit high-definition video, multi-channel audio and other applications on this standard.


In the face of many different wire specifications, the top-level is the lightning 3 data cable. It supports 20v5a 100W power

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transmission and 40Gbps data rate, but the price is also top-level. Ordinary users will not consider the price as high as two or three hundred yuan. In order to let more users enjoy the performance of the top wire, coaxial technology has launched a series of lightning data cables, and listed at a very friendly price. The lightning 3 data cable launched by coaxial technology supports 20v5a 100W power transmission, which has reached the maximum value of USB PD.

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In terms of data transmission, it supports up to 40Gbps data transmission rate, and also supports 5K / 60Hz audio and video transmission. All aspects of performance parameters are at the top of the data cable.


In terms of length, the lightning 3 data cable has three lengths of 0.5m, 0.7m and 1m. In addition, the lightning 2 data cable with a length of 2m is introduced, which makes the distance of the equipment more flexible. Ordinary lightning data cable will be subject to various bending wear in daily use, which may cause damage after a long time. The lightning data cable produced by coaxial technology adopts the braiding process to make the outer layer of wire, and the net tail part is lengthened to increase the bending resistance. The ultimate goal is to make the wire more durable.


Compared with a few hundred yuan lightning 3 data cable, coaxial Technology launched the lightning 3 data cable from the original price of 76 yuan, it is simply a loss cry to make a friend, it is recommended that friends in need do not hesitate to get on the bus immediately.