Chips out of stock! Huawei mate 40 Pro new version cancels the original standard charging head?

Advocate environmental protection, consumers buy a new mobile phone, businesses do not have a charger, has caused everyone to curse. Who will be the next mobile phone manufacturer? Since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series and boldly stepped out of the first step of the mobile phone consumer market -- no additional charger, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu and other major manufacturers have followed suit, and all of them have cancelled the additional charger in the latest flagship. Now, Huawei will also join this camp.


According to the disclosure, in addition to the above-mentioned reduction of production costs, there is another reason that many manufacturers have to face up to, that is, the shortage of chips. Now the domestic mobile phone manufacturers' pursuit of fast charging has reached a fanatical level, and the fast charging of more than 100 Watts has begun to be popularized. Therefore, the IC chips of fast charging chargers become very important. Because of the global shortage of chip industry this year, the IC chips of chargers also fall into the shortage crisis. Therefore, more and more manufacturers choose to stop giving chargers.

According to the latest news from @ digital chat station, Huawei mate 40 Pro recently passed the 3C certification again, which shows that the new version of Huawei mate 40 Pro has also cancelled the original standard charging head.

According to the product specifications, in Huawei mate 40 Pro Series products, when the product is a glass shell (back cover), the switching power adapter is an optional part; When the product is PU leather shell (back cover), the switching power adapter is the standard component.

That is to say, Huawei has cancelled the color matching chargers of bright black, glazed white and secret silver glass versions, and only comes with the chargers of summer Populus euphratica and autumn Populus euphratica.

However, at present, Huawei has not officially announced the relevant information of the new Huawei mate40 pro. Maybe Huawei will adopt a package scheme similar to Xiaomi, which can provide users with two different schemes at the same time, so that users can make their own "environmental protection" choices.

In addition, Huawei mate40 Pro was originally equipped with a fast charging head supporting 66W power as standard, and the selling price of a third party in the East is more than 100 yuan. After Huawei cancels the attached charging head, it may reduce the corresponding price of the model, which is good news for users who have idle chargers

It should be noted that due to the global core shortage and sanctions, Huawei's mate40 Pro has been in a difficult situation since it was released in October last year, which has also made many users unable to grab their favorite mobile phones.

After the new version of Huawei mate40 Pro comes into the market, it may usher in a big wave of shipment.