Cheap version of MagSafe, but also trigger charging Animation: Beisi minimalist Mini Magnetic wireless charger is worth buying

The biggest feature change of Apple's iPhone 12 series this year is the addition of MagSafe, which is a magnetic adsorption structure with both fixed and charging functions.

MagSafe will be an important part of Apple's future ecology. Previously, in the "iPhone 12 accessories guide", we said that we are disappointed with MagSafe at present, mainly because Apple's MagSafe 15W wireless private charging protocol is very sensitive to temperature control, and the overall charging speed has not improved substantially compared with the previous 7.5W.

If you play another set of measured data of iPhone 12, you can see that MagSafe maintains high power for a very short time. The 18W power of the charger can only be maintained for less than 8 minutes, and then it begins to decline. It takes 130 minutes for 10% - 100% call back, 47% in half an hour and 72% in one hour.

Although charging is not fast, I am optimistic about the future development of magnetic absorption. This MagSafe magnetic suction component can play a huge role in desktop bracket, vehicle bracket and other fields.

As Apple's official copy says, "click, click.". You can stabilize the phone with one touch.

But the official MagSafe charger costs 329 yuan. It's really not cheap, and the official website still needs 1-2 weeks to deliver.

So if you change your iPhone 12 and want to experience MagSafe's new magnetic absorption features, you might as well consider some third-party solutions, such as Beisi minimalist Mini magnetic absorption wireless charging.

Like the official MagSafe wireless charger, it can realize magnetic adsorption and wireless charging, and trigger the wireless charging animation of MagSafe. But the internal solution is 7.5W. Compared with the 15W of the official MagSafe wireless charger "real man in five minutes", the speed is not much different.

user's experience

Look at the appearance. It has the same round design as Apple's MagSafe wireless charger, except that the front is made of metal, and a LED indicator is added at the edge, which makes it easier to check the working status.

The diameter is a little bigger than that of apple, but it's quite small.

The material of the adsorption surface is different. Apple is made of silica gel and embedded in an aluminum alloy shell, while Beisi is made of toughened glass. The former looks more delicate. After all, nearly three times the price is here.

The thickness of the two is almost the same. In this picture, we can also see that the side of Beisi has some radians, which tends to be round and smooth, while the edge lines of apple are more three-dimensional.

Like Apple's official MagSafe charger, the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be attached with a "click" sound, which will give you an obvious sense of inhalation.

It can also trigger the animation effect of MagSafe wireless charging, which is the same as Apple's official MagSafe charger.

The adsorption capacity is very strong, which is much stronger than some similar products tried before. Compared with apple, there is little difference in adsorption capacity.

Power test

The official suggestion is that the PD charger with power adapter above 18W can be selected. Compared with the 20W charger of apple, it has a wider adaptability.

Next, I will use the following PD chargers from 18W to 45W to test their compatibility one by one.

First of all, the 45W charger of Beisi is connected, and the power of the charger end reaches 9.5W. After eliminating the loss of wireless charging, it reaches the 7.5W wireless charging standard.
ZMi 18W, can also reach 9.6w charger.
Ravpower 30W, 9.6w no problem.
Tulas 30W, power can also reach more than 9W.
But the current version of the super silicon 20W of bets' home cannot activate the 7.5W protocol of the wireless charger. Asked the official customer service, because there are too many super silicon voltage gears, there are some handshake compatibility problems. The version shipped in December will solve this problem. This point should be noted, if you are not sure about the batch, you should ask customer service.

But the current version of the super silicon 20W of bets' home cannot activate the wireless charger

As for charging speed, refer to the 7.5W wireless charger on your hand. Because Apple even has 15W wireless charging this year, it is not much faster than 7.5W because of its temperature control is too sensitive.

Use of shell

This year, this MagSafe feature requires the use of a mobile phone shell with built-in MagSafe magnetic components if it is in a shell. At present, in addition to Apple's official transparent, leather and silica gel shell, the third-party MFM has OtterBox for sale.

It can be seen that the direct built-in magnetic suction module is different from Apple's official shell. The third party has been implanted in the form of patch, and there is no difference in using it.
Compared to Apple's high price of 329 yuan, the price parity scheme of bets may be suitable for more people to try MagSafe.
After all, the iPhone 12 was changed, which would be a pity if it wasn't used.
Magnetic is OK, and the gap between apple and original can be ignored. The 7.5W wireless charging is not much worse than apple MagSafe 15W private protocol. After all, 15W is very sensitive to temperature and can only maintain high power for a few minutes.

After all, 15W is still Apple's private agreement. At present, the 15W solution cracked on the market is unstable and there is no guarantee for subsequent use. So choosing mature and open 7.5W scheme is also the most stable and reliable method at present.