Charging head recommendation for 2021 iPhone 12 accessories

Make complaints about the iPhone12 series no longer match headers and headset. While the netizens are tucking aside, they are quietly paying attention to the iPhone12's preferential activities.

In fact, Apple's products have always been inseparable from the law of true fragrance, so when you wait and see the preferential activities of iPhone 12 on major shopping platforms, you also need to see which charging heads are suitable for purchase.

First of all, it is clear that the iPhone 12 series supports up to 20W charger and PD fast charging protocol

Next, combined with the activities of double 11, several charging heads are recommended.

  1. Official products

The first is Apple's own charging head. Official products, only 149 yuan. Apple's original products, from the quality of this charger will not have any problems. But in case of problems how to do, it is better to do, I use the official charger, the official charging line, genuine mobile phone, problems you can not compensate me!

  1. Anke

This is a chip of the same brand as apple, which has high security and does not damage the original battery of apple

  1. Green Alliance

Lvlian is also a famous manufacturer. This is the iPhone 12 charging package, which includes a charging head and a 2m data cable. If you think the 1m Apple original cable is not long enough, you can consider this package. Charging head CQC and CCC National standard double certification, low temperature fast charging, safety and battery protection are not picky, a single 20W charging head is 35 yuan.

  1. Purple Rice

Purple rice is a product of MI family ecology. An 18W charging head plus data cable costs 89.9 yuan in total. The advantage of braided cable is that it is very durable. I believe you all know that the rubber skin near the plug will be broken after using Apple's original data cable for a long time. Braided cable can solve this problem well.

  1. Beisi

Beisi has been a manufacturer of Apple accessories for a long time. It costs 69 yuan, including a charging head and a data cable. There is a comparative advantage in price.