Charging head or data line, who is the great hero of mobile phone fast charging?

With the rapid development of mobile phones, it has become an indispensable part of people's life. In contrast, the development of lithium batteries is not so fast. Most smart phones are facing the dilemma of "one charge a day" or even "more than one charge a day".

The battery life of mobile phone has always been a concern. From the beginning of "charging for 5 minutes, talking for 2 hours" to now, major manufacturers have launched fast charging devices. However, many users may have a question: is the realization of mobile phone fast charging due to the charging head or the data line?

Want to know the answer to this question, first of all understand the fast charging technology!


How is fast charging realized?

"Fast charging": as the name suggests, faster charging speed. Charging speed is determined by charging power, and charging power = voltage
Current, so to achieve fast charging, or increase the voltage, or increase the current. These are also the two main forms of fast charging technology in the market.


Charging head is the leading role in fast charging system

The output power of the charging head is the most direct factor affecting the charging speed. If the power of the charging head is not enough, it can not achieve fast charging.

Now many brands of mobile phones support high-power fast charging, but the standard charging head is still low-power. Is fast charging impossible? No, just buy a quick charging head!

Warm tips: not all mobile phones can achieve fast charging by replacing a high-power charging head. For example, Apple's PD fast charging needs to purchase a PD charger with power of 18W or above and a data line from type-C to lightning.

It is worth noting that not all Apple models support PD fast charging, which requires Apple 8 or above. So you should open your eyes when you buy it!


Data lines are also crucial

The data line is mainly connected to the mobile phone and the charging head, responsible for the transmission of current. Compared with ordinary data line, what is the particularity of data line supporting fast charging? Here, Android mobile phone as an example, more intuitive.

The ordinary charging cable of Android mobile phone contains three wires at work, two power wires and one ground wire. Android's fast charging line is basically five lines working, in addition to the original three, but also added two power lines.

In the charging line, the two data lines are very important, responsible for the communication between the charging head and the power management chip of the mobile phone. Specifically, it is to negotiate the charging power.

For example: a mobile phone supports 40W fast charging, and the power output of charging head supports 5V / 2a, 9V / 2a and 10V / 4A respectively. At this time, the two data lines in the fast charging line will "communicate" when charging, and select the most appropriate power to charge the mobile phone, so as to achieve the effect of fast charging.

In addition, the length of the data line has a certain impact on the charging speed. The shorter the data line is, the faster the charging speed will be.

Therefore, only by choosing the right charging head and data line, can we achieve the effect of fast charging. The two are complementary. Of course, it is more important for your mobile phone to support the fast charging protocol. Otherwise, even if you buy fast charging head and data cable, you can only use it as ordinary charging!