Charging gospel of didi old driver -- automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket

Hello, I'm the scholar Jedi.

Every time I take didi taxi, I see that the charging used by the driver is wired charging. Looking at so many wires in front of the control panel, I always feel a little uncomfortable. Now most mobile phones support wireless charging. Today, I'd like to introduce the automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket. Just put the mobile phone gently, you can complete the charging action.

The front of the outer packaging box is the product rendering of the wireless charging bracket, and the upper left corner is the product logo. The maximum power of the standard product wireless charging is 10W. On the back is the basic information of the product.

The inside of the unpacking box includes: zMi wireless charging vehicle bracket automatic version, fixed frame, plane pasting base, vehicle charger, micro USB data cable and manual.

The plush fabric on the front of the automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket is made of super fiber fabric imported from Italy. It feels really good. In addition, it has good wear resistance and protects the back of the mobile phone case from scratching. There is an oval mirror under the fabric, and it is an infrared sensor, which will automatically open when the mobile phone is close.

There are silicone pads on the inside of the clamping arm to fix the mobile phone and protect the mobile phone from scratching; the maximum width of the clamping arm is 81.5mm, which is no problem when using the iPhone 11 Pro max. the clamping arm switch is located on the left side of the wireless charger, and it will open automatically when you touch it.

The back is the basic information of the automatic version of the zMi wireless charging bracket, and the place where the universal wheel is installed. The tightness of the universal wheel is fixed by the knob, and there is a heat dissipation hole at the bottom to prevent the machine from overheating during charging.

The automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket is equipped with two installation methods. One is to use it at the air outlet of the air conditioner through a fixed clamp; the other is to use it on the flat surface of the bottle by connecting the fixed bracket with the flat adhesive base.

The product also comes with a 36W Max dual output car charger, no need to buy extra. Single port maximum output support 5v-2.4a, 9v-2a, 12v-1.5a, the maximum support power is 18W. There is a circle of LED lights around the USB charging port to show whether the car charger is powered on.

The installation is very simple. The fixing clip is fixed at the air outlet and can be used by connecting the charging line. The mobile phone used is the iPhone 11 Pro max, which will automatically open at 2cm away from the product, and the sensing distance is a little close.

If you touch the left switch, it will open automatically. Because the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is a little big, it is a little difficult to touch the thumb switch during the removal process. Usually, the power of the car is turned off, and you forget to take off the mobile phone. You can only take it out mechanically.

When charging the iPhone 11 Pro max, the data is 7.39v, 1.36a, and the power is 10.05w. The speed of charging the phone is very fast.

ZMI The automatic version of the wireless charging bracket is really convenient to use. It only needs to put the mobile phone gently to complete the charging. Even if it does not support the wireless charging of the mobile phone, the product also has a charging port at the bottom to charge the mobile phone. The fixed effect of the fixed clamp is good, and there is no drop phenomenon. The disadvantage of the product is that the infrared sensing distance is too close and the touch switch is designed to be flexible It's not reasonable.