Charging faster than the official charger: iPhone 11 must have fun

In my opinion, the popularity of wireless charging from iPhone 8 is one of the most important functions Apple has added in recent years. Apple has been looking for opportunities to get rid of the interface on the phone, because it's so convenient to use wireless. After starting with the iPhone 11, I also began to look for a suitable wireless charger to use in the office.

There are many types of wireless chargers to choose from. After comparison, I chose a vertical wireless charger with mobile phone bracket function: choetech wireless charger. This charger matches my iPhone 11 in appearance and appearance. Let's share the experience of using this wireless charger!

On the outer packing box, you can see the main selling points of choetech wireless charger, including fast charging, double coil, charging protection and charging at any position.

Choetech wireless charger has a variety of colors to choose from, but because my iPhone 11 is red, so I chose a more matching red version. A red microusb charging cable is attached to the charger to power choetech wireless charger.

The appearance of choetech wireless charger is very similar to a standard mobile phone base. The mobile phone can be placed directly on it, and the tilt angle can make the mobile phone placed more firmly.

In order to ensure that the choetech wireless charger is placed more firmly on the desktop, there are four anti-skid pads at the bottom, which can make the choetech wireless charger more firmly placed on the desktop.

The charging port of microusb is designed on the back of the base. Unfortunately, it does not use the type-C interface. If the type-C interface is used, it can better adapt to the current mobile phone interface standard. Of course, considering that choetech wireless charger is mainly used as a fixed office, it will not bring much impact.

As far as the workmanship of choetech wireless charger is concerned, the surface processing is smooth, including the position of seams, which is relatively tight, and the workmanship is very good.

The actual test can ensure that the mobile phone is firmly fixed on the base, and the design is very reasonable.

This is the scene of my daily use. When I put it on my desk, it can be used as a mobile phone bracket, and it can also let the iPhone 11 enter the wireless charging state at any time, so as to ensure the sufficient power of the mobile phone at any time. It's very good.

Choetech wireless charger can charge up to 10W (due to Apple's limitation, the actual maximum output power of iPhone 11 is 7.5W).

When using, the first feeling is very sensitive. The moment the mobile phone is put in, it starts to prompt charging, which is very fast.

After reading the appearance introduction, let's talk about the actual charging speed of choetech wireless charger.

Basic charging speed: charge 20% in 30 minutes, which is faster than the original 5V / 1A charging head of iPhone 11 (measured, the original 5V / 1A charging head charges 16% in 30 minutes).

However, charging to 100% also takes about 220 minutes. After 90% of the power, the charging speed becomes very slow, which is faster than the original 5V / 1a in the initial stage. The overall charging speed is basically similar.

However, for me, the biggest feeling is that choetech wireless charger provides a very convenient charging method, which can charge the mobile phone quickly, conveniently and in real time, without the need to insert the charging head. This product's price is not high, two in one function is very convenient, worth having!