Charger manufacturer: why wireless charging technology is not popular

Wireless charging and fast charging technologies are new charging technologies emerging in recent years, and have been promoted by apple in 2017 (both iPhone 8 / 8plus / X support wireless charging and PD fast charging). But throughout the development of the two, fast charging has gradually become the standard charger of mobile phones, and wireless charger is also very popular under the promotion of apple, but the actual utilization rate is not very high, so what is the reason that wireless charging technology is not popular?


To answer this question, consumers have the most say. Feitianying technology has selected some representative opinions from netizens. They have experienced wireless charger and fast charger. Let's listen to their opinions.


  1. The charging speed of wireless charger is too slow. The charging efficiency of wireless charging board is generally not high, and the power is mostly within 10W. For example, the wireless fast charging supported by iPhone is only 7.5W, and most of the fast charging power is above 18W. Today, the battery life of mobile phone has not been completely solved, many people attach great importance to the charging speed of charger.

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  1. The price of wireless charger is higher. In fact, wireless charger is not a new product. In 2012, lumia 920 has already supported wireless charging, but the price of a 920 wireless charging board is about 450 yuan, which greatly improves the entry threshold. Although the price of many third-party wireless chargers is much cheaper, they also cost one or two hundred yuan, which is more expensive than ordinary fast charging chargers. And many mobile phones support wireless charging, but they don't use it as standard, so they need to buy extra. Therefore, fewer people use it. 3. Wireless charger is not really wireless, sometimes it is not as convenient as wired. The current wireless charging technology is induction charging technology. Users must place the device on a special charging board. If the induction coil inside the device is not aligned with the coil on the charging board, it is impossible to charge. It is even more impossible to charge the device while using it. Moreover, the volume of the wireless charger is large, it is not suitable for carrying, and it also has certain restrictions on the use of the scene.
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Generally speaking, the reason why wireless charging has not been accepted as fast charging is that the technology is not mature enough and the applicability is relatively poor. So will wireless chargers become mainstream chargers in the future? Let's look forward to the future.