Cause comfort! Evaluation of choetech Apple PD fast charging 2 m super long data cable

With Apple's opening up of usb-c to lightning MFI certification, the number of third-party usb-c to lightning fast charging cables in the market has gradually increased, but they are basically the most common one meter long. Choetech dioko has launched a 2-meter-long wire, which can be said to hit the pain point of users who are unwilling to be tied in front of the socket. It will no longer be timid, and will bring you a more free and smooth use experience. If you don't say much, please follow me immediately

Carton packaging from digital home. Open the carton, there is a layer of plastic express bag inside. White matte paper box packaging, black, blue two-color printing, simple and elegant, and full of young vitality.


An adorable panda panda head cartoon tag, which has the CHOETECH two-dimensional code of WeChat official account, can receive red packets, coupons, and get new promotional information.

iPhone 12 charger

The back of the box. Now the digital products are basically international packaging style in English, and the domestic sales versions are labeled with Chinese labels.


There is a transparent plastic window on the top of the front of the packaging box, which can directly see the usb-c and lightning terminals of the wire.


At the bottom is the line drawing pattern and MFI certification mark of the wire rod, and on the right is a green English 100% original product.


The top picture on the back of the product package shows the application scenario of charging iPhone with MacBook.


The following is a bunch of English, including examples of compatible device models, let alone read.

iPhone 12 charger

Open the package, lined with transparent plastic paper holder, wire two terminals also use extra intimate paper holder package.

Pull out the plastic lined tray completely, and you can see the thick wire with multiple coils.

Another small blue card is the international warranty card. It's generous to offer an 18 month warranty.

Two usb-c and lightning terminals firmly fixed on the plastic bracket. Usb-c terminal. Plastic handle with choetech molded logo and TPE thread body. Usb-c terminal is full of gold teeth, 24 contacts, a lot. Lightning terminal. The handle also has the choetech molded logo.

Lightning terminal "silver" finger is actually an improved and more expensive rare metal rhodium ruthenium alloy coating. After the wire is folded in half, measure the length. The total length is about 205cm, two meters. After the wire is folded in half, measure the length. The total length is about 205cm, two meters. Artifact power-z mf001 tester to verify the body of wire.

The test results show that the manufacturer of the lightning head is Foxconn (Foxconn); The production date is March 13, 2019, the model is c94 (specially for MFI enterprises), and the score is 100 points; Both ASIC and PMU are original.

Let's compare the case of using OPSO usb-c to lightning 20cm data cable, the charging power obtained is almost the same, which is about 17.9w.

If you look at it carefully, the charging current is completely the same, only the voltage difference is 0.02v. You can think that this is the voltage drop caused by the choetech 2m data cable, which is 10 times more than the OPSO 20cm data cable. It can be said that the difference is negligible and can be ignored. They are all rare good lines!


Finally, a group photo of OPSO usb-c to lightning 20cm cable, apple original 1m usb-c to lightning cable and choetech dioko usb-c to lightning 2m cable.




Under the attack of the Android camp, apple mobile phone finally supports the 18W PD fast charging agreement, but the standard configuration is still the ancestral uab-a to lightning data cable and the 5v-a 5W charging head. If you want to enjoy the 18W fast charging, you still need to harvest leeks again. Regardless of the PD charging head, only one original ordinary usb-c to lightning 2-meter data cable costs 149 yuan, which is a bit painful.

Apple Charger Cable

However, under Apple's high price policy, it also provides a living space for many third-party manufacturers. Apple's lightning terminal (commonly known as the iron head) has an encryption chip. The non original iron head does not have perfect protection measures, which has certain security risks, and is often identified by the system as an incompatible accessory and cannot be used. Before that, some domestic manufacturers had developed cracking wires, but after the new version of IOS, this road was completely blocked. If a third-party manufacturer wanted to produce usb-c to lightning wires, he had to pay for the original c94 iron head certified by Apple's original factory. However, the advantage was that there was no need to worry about compatibility problems, the quality was more guaranteed, and all kinds of wires were more selective, The price is also much cheaper than the original line.

Apple Charger Cable

Choetech dioko usb-c to lightning 2 meter data cable uses Foxconn original c94 iron head officially certified by apple, with guaranteed compatibility, ultra-low wire resistance, and no difference between the use effect and apple original wire. PD fast charging saves time and cost, and returns blood quickly. Especially when iPhone x (R, s, s max) uses smart battery case back clip battery, it will have three times power increase, which is very violent. The length of 2 meters brings more free activity space. It's easy to eat chicken chasing drama in bed. It's really convenient to use it at home!


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