Car wireless charging is "chicken ribs"? This is the right opening position!

As a necessity of life, mobile phones are replaced more and more frequently, and various manufacturers are also changing their ways to upgrade various technologies. As soon as the wireless fast charging technology of Xiaomi and Huawei was exposed, it quickly became a strong selling point.

Nowadays, the wireless charging technology is becoming more and more mature. It not only avoids the cumbersome cord, but also saves the money to buy the data cable. Most people will choose to buy the wireless charging base.

So is the rate of wireless charging really high? In fact, the specific use, not necessarily more convenient than the charger. For those who often drive, wireless car charger is a practical artifact.

Cable charging, we often need to free hand, to plug the phone to talk or charge, it is very unsafe and troublesome. Wireless charging is a good solution to this problem.

The choice of wireless car charging generally depends on the stability, charging efficiency and safety

At present, there are many ways to place the wireless car charger, including magnetic suction and bracket. Generally, the magnetic suction type is easy to move, and the bracket is relatively stable. It doesn't fall down when the road is bumpy, so it's more popular.

Of course, the quality and design of products of different brands are also very important. Some of the brackets with poor quality are easy to loosen and unstable.

In terms of charging efficiency, there are different charging standards for wireless vehicles. Some only support 5-7w, while others support 20W. However, similar to ordinary charging, it mainly depends on the power of the mobile phone itself.

For example, if the wireless power of the iPhone 8 supports 5W, then choosing the 7.5W and 15W wireless charging base, in fact, the time difference between full power is not big, it takes more than three hours. Huawei and Xiaomi support higher power, so the corresponding charging speed is faster.

But high efficiency wireless car charger should also consider the heat dissipation. If the charging is easy to generate heat, it is easy to damage the mobile phone, and the car also has security risks.

So, how to choose a practical and safe wireless car charger? Don't worry, ask Junlai to recommend some.

Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger

When it comes to wireless car charging bracket, the first choice is Xiaomi, which is durable and cost-effective. The three features of the official label: induction telescopic, one hand operation, intelligent heat dissipation. To be specific, the wireless car charger is a bracket type, with a tight clip at the bottom. The combination of blue ring lamp and curved glass is also very beautiful.

It also supports 20W wireless fast charging. It's really the big brother in the wireless car charging industry. Needless to say, it takes only 90 minutes for Xiaomi 9 to be fully charged.

In addition, it has an inductive sensor on the side. When the hand is put in the past, the clamps on the left and right sides can be opened automatically, which is the secret of one hand operation.

At the same time, it also has two heat dissipation parts, which can reduce the heat actively (independent fan) and passively (metal heat conduction fin) in time. The "intelligent heat dissipation" is very safe. The price is about 170 yuan. The cost performance is really high.

Magic clip S5 wireless car charger

Magic clip S5 wireless car charger is a hot sound, so what's its strength? It has a round clip on the back, which can realize the free rotation and displacement of the charger. The clip is easily fixed to the air outlet of the car, which is very firm.

The automatic retractable clip has optical induction, which can release the clip automatically when the hand touches it. At the same time, it also adopts the design compared with gravity, which can firmly hold the mobile phone.

In terms of charging function, the car wireless charger adopts a 10W wireless fast charging scheme and supports two different input voltages of 5V / 2a and 9V / 1.67a. In terms of price, there are about 165-240 yuan.

Beisi wireless car charger

Beisi wireless car charger adopts the air outlet bracket design, which is easy to install and does not block the driving line of sight. It is driven by gravity to fasten the mobile phone on both sides, which is very stable and can be operated with one hand.

The X-ray car is charged with 5v/2a, 9v/1.67v input, with apple output power of 7.5W and Android up to 10W. Its charging induction coil supports Q1 standard charging, and can also be charged with shell. It basically supports the mobile phone model of wireless charging on the market. The price is also about 110-120 yuan, which is still very personal.

Of course, there are also major automobile brands for their own different models tailored to build wireless charging. This wireless charging bracket is often more in line with the car's own design, and its size, placement, heat dissipation are more targeted, but the price is also relatively high.

For example, a new BMW wireless car charger, which is put on the shelf in BMW tmall flagship store, is safe and stable, and can also be used as a charging treasure with you. The official price is 2900 yuan. Tuhao recommends buying it.