Car helper, Belkin usb-c + usb-a dual interface car charger

The front of the package

The front indicates that the charger is 30W fast charging, one usb-c and one usb-a interface, and supports the fast charging of major mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, it indicates that the usb-c is 18W and the usb-a is 12W.
The back of the package
On the back is an introduction to the two interfaces.
Side of package

Write clearly the mobile phone model that supports fast charging, which is very good. The corresponding mobile phone will know whether it can be adapted to avoid buying the wrong one

Family photo

After opening, only the body of the car charger, and the instructions, warranty cards, harmful substances, etc. especially these instructions are separately placed under the box, bulging. I thought I had given the charging line, and I was happy

On board charger front

Port a and port C, if you want to use 18W fast charging, you need to use port C. the charging of port a will be slower than that of port C. After all, there is a difference between 18W and 12W
On board charger socket
The workmanship is quite good, worthy of Belkin
On board charger side
There are many functions supported, such as overload protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over temperature protection, etc

Computer measurement

Because the place on the computer is too small to take pictures with a camera, I used my mobile phone to take pictures directly, and then I measured the photo taking function of iphoe11

Plug in the blue light, the effect is good, remind has been powered on
Use C port to charge, use power-z to detect the protocol supported, the mobile phone is Meizu pro7 plus, and the display is pd3.0 fast charging
PD protocol is 9V, 2a, 18W fast charging.
Belkin's double 11 chargers return at 128 yuan, which is one of the most cost-effective chargers within 100 yuan. After all, voltage and current stability is very important for mobile phones, and it supports PD and QC fast charging, which can be used by Android and apple. All in all, Belkin usb-c + usb-a dual interface car charger is a car charger worth considering.