Car charger is also fun, Areco 15W fast charging car charging test

At present, there are more and more friends driving with mobile phone navigation, and the life of mobile phone is really not ideal. The car charger of cigarette lighter has become a necessary thing in almost every car. With the emergence of fast charging, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of car charger. Today, we received a upc-2u digital display car charger provided by opj mall. Let's play together.

Even if it's a compact car charger, the packaging of the upc-2u is absolutely unambiguous. It's not a problem to put this head into a mobile power supply. On the front is the rendering of the product and related highlights, including dual interface, 15.5w peak power, smart chip, security protection and Pacific product quality insurance. On the side is the lake blue of ORICO, and on the back are the relevant parameters.

This car is made of aluminum alloy shell, frosting process, due to the use of dual USB interface and digital display panel, so the shape is a little strange compared with the general car. The widest part is 34.6 mm in diameter and 63.2 mm in length. The aluminum alloy part on the side will form a certain scratch after being inserted into the cigarette lighter, which is very normal.

At the top, we can see that the back panel is made of black plastic, covered with a layer of transparent panel, with a circle of white LED lights. At present, we don't know what color it is. The tongues of the two USB interfaces are green, which is very conspicuous. One is 5V ⎓ 2a, and the other is 5V ⎓ 1a. The digital display panel in the middle can't be seen when the power is off.

After the power is plugged in, we can see that the LED light in a circle is light blue, which is the same color as that on the packaging box. At the same time, the light will also be reflected on the USB interface, which is convenient to find the interface when the light is bad. The color of the middle number is orange.
We use km001 load device to test the charging power of this car, test the no-load state, and the voltage is 4.9998v.
After checking the quick charging protocol, the usual QC quick charging protocol does not support it.

We used Apple's iPhone XS Max test, and the power of the phone was 19%. We first plug in the 5V ⎓ 2A interface, and the measured power is 4.89w, and the current is 0.989a. Obviously, apple mobile phone can't use the fast charging speed of 5V ⎓ 2A.

After that, we plug the iPhone into the 5V ⎓ 1A interface, with a power of 5.32w and a current of 1.08a. Later, we tested it several times, and it was obvious that the power was higher when the iPhone was plugged into the 5V ⎓ 1A interface. At this time, the digital display is 0.90a. It seems that there is a certain error value.
Then we use Xiaomi 6 to test, and the power of the mobile phone is 56%. Plug into the 5V ⎓ 2A interface, the power is 8.44w, the current is 1.72a, and it is really closer to Android. On the corresponding digital display, we can see that the current of the digital display is 1.81a. Has the error data gone up?

What would happen if two were used together? Because the two USB interfaces are facing one side, there is no USB extension cable on hand during the test, so we use the method of front and rear plug-in to estimate that when Xiaomi 6 is in front, the power is 8.30w and the current is 1.70A. The power of apple is 4.85w and the current is 0.989a. The total power is 14.85w, which is very close to the official data of 15.5w. The sum of the current is 2.69a, while the data we see from the digital display is 2.80a. This test may not be accurate, we just measure a rough. After all, when testing, the test vehicle is in static idle state, and the actual driving power, current and voltage will change accordingly. After a rough test, we can see that this car can basically meet the needs of most people, especially Android users. The current value of the digital display is not accurate, but it can basically let us know whether it is in the fast charging state, and the error is basically only 0.1A, which is acceptable. But the appearance of this product is still very good, like friends do not miss.