Can the data cable of 3-5 be used? Why is the price of mobile data cable tens of times different?

The mobile phone user bought a 3 piece 5 packet data cable to charge the phone a few days ago, and make complaints about it in less than a week. So I went to the official flagship store and planned to buy a data cable of the same brand as the mobile phone, but I was successfully dissuaded by the price of 198. It's all data cables. Why is the price different dozens of times? Don't you have the kind of mobile data cable with good quality and moderate price?

The constitution principle of data cable

First, the data cable can be disassembled into two parts: wire and interface. The most central part of wire rod is wire core, which is the carrier used to transmit data information and current. The high-quality data wire core generally uses tinned copper, bare copper and other materials; the inferior ones use copper-clad steel, copper-clad iron and so on. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of copper, the better the conductivity, so a good data cable core is mainly copper. In addition, the number of copper wires has 24 strands, 32 strands and 40 strands. The more the number of copper wires, the thicker the wire core, the faster the charging speed of the data cable, and the longer the service life.



The outer part of the wire core is covered with aluminum foil layer and woven net , which can prevent the electromagnetic field inside and outside the data cable from interfering with each other. The shell is wrapped with the woven net. Now most of the data cable shells on the market are made of plastic material, which feels soft. But the plastic shell has a very troublesome problem, that is, the connection between it and the interface is easy to break and expose the wire core, and the exposed wire core is easy to break, which leads to a number of problems According to the line light scrap, heavy short circuit, serious will damage the mobile phone. And now slowly popular nylon material can effectively avoid these problems.

Three common types of mobile data cable

Micro USB

Micro USB

USB type-C (usb-c)

USB Type-C

Apple (lightning) interface

Micro's interface is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, like a round trapezoid. I believe many people use this interface just like the password brother, and they can only "align" the interface by making mistakes at least once each time Compared with micro, usb-c "smoothes the edges and corners", and the top and bottom of the interface are consistent, which solves the problem that the interface is always inaccurate; there is also an apple interface, which is designed for Apple brand service, and also supports forward and reverse blind plug-in.

How to select data cable?

Determine which shape of interface you need to buy, and then choose the data cable with high charging efficiency. Charging fast or not, a look at the charging head, two look at the data cable. Because the data cable affects the "voltage drop", the "voltage drop" is the difference between the input voltage and the output voltage. For example, input a 5V voltage from one end of the data cable, but through the consumption of resistance in the data cable, the output voltage is only 4.5V, and the voltage difference of 0.5V is the voltage drop value. The voltage reduction affects the output power, which in turn reduces the charging speed.

What causes this "pressure drop"? There are three reasons. One is the core material. As mentioned before, the higher the purity of copper wire as the core, the better the quality; second, the cross section of the core. According to the formula of resistance = resistivity × (length / area), the thicker the wire core is, the larger the cross section is, and the smaller the resistance is; the third is the length of wire. The shorter the data cable, the smaller the power damage and the higher the charging efficiency. So when we buy the data cable, we should try not to choose the super long data cable wrapped in a bundle. Generally speaking, the charging speed of the 3-meter or even 5-meter-long data cable is relatively slow, and it may not be able to charge at all.


After understanding the composition of the data cable and the reasons that affect the charging efficiency, we can summarize a set of standards for purchasing the data cable

The core should be copper and thick

Data cable should not be too long

The shell should avoid the plastic material which is easy to crack

Can you buy a cheap data cable?

Now let's go back and think about it. Can we buy those data cables that cost 3.5 yuan and are still postal? Can it meet our standards above? Generally speaking, it doesn't work. If the price is too cheap, the wire core is usually made of the cheapest copper clad steel or iron clad material, and it is very thin. The shell is usually made of low-quality plastic material, which is easy to break at the interface. When charging with this cheap data cable, the mobile phone is easy to get hot. If the data cable of 3 yuan and 5 yuan is scrapped, it will be scrapped. But if you damage your mobile phone of thousands of yuan because of it, you will have to pay for it. The data cable of the same brand as the mobile phone is chosen, because of the brand premium, the general price is falsely high. Therefore, I suggest that the price of data cable should be more than 30 yuan and less than 70 yuan. Generally, the purity of copper wire core of data cable at this price is very high, durable, easy to use and practical.

Finally, brother lightning recommends a data cable that I think meets the requirements. It won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award. It has three interfaces of type-C, micro and apple lightning on one data cable, which can be used to fit various brands of electronic devices at the same time. And the use of high-quality thick core, can support 3A high current charging, effectively improve the charging speed of 50%! In general, it is durable, fast charging, various interfaces and high color value.