Can different brands of mobile phone chargers be mixed?

When you go out and your mobile phone is out of power, if you have a charger beside you, you usually take it up and charge it directly. I believe everyone has had such mixed charging experience. Some people think it's dangerous to do this, others think it's OK, so can it be mixed? Let's take a look at the working principle of mobile phone charger first. Charger is also called power adapter. As we know, the domestic civil rated voltage is 220 V, so it can't directly charge the mobile phone. The function of charger is to convert 220 V high voltage pulse into 5 V low voltage pulse, and then through a rectifier and voltage stabilizing circuit, it becomes stable DC, so that the mobile phone can accept it. However, only the charger can not charge the mobile phone. It also needs to be equipped with data cable and connected to the mobile phone to form a circuit and generate current. Therefore, the charging effect not only depends on the charger, but also closely related to the data line and the mobile phone itself.

In terms of chargers, generally, smart chips are built into chargers, which can automatically identify the current and voltage required by mobile phones, and then adjust themselves, so as to provide mobile phones with current and voltage within a safe range. For example, if you use a fast charging charger to charge a mobile phone that doesn't support fast charging, the charger will recognize that the mobile phone can't be charged quickly and adjust it to the normal charging mode. From the perspective of the mobile phone itself, there is also an automatic circuit control system inside the mobile phone, which can play the role of over-current, over-voltage and other protection to prevent excessive current and voltage from entering and damaging the mobile phone. Similarly, the data cable is the same. Only high-quality data cable can play a normal role in charging, while poor quality data cable may cause damage to mobile phone charging. That's why we should try to use original or good third-party data cable to charge the mobile phone.

To verify the above working principle, let's take a look at a set of mobile phone charging test results
iPhone 12 charger cable
Test materials:

There are three different brands of mobile phone chargers and charging wires with specifications of 5v1a, 5v1.5a and 5v2a respectively;

A 2A mobile phone, a 1A mobile phone.

Three different brands of chargers are used to charge two mobile phones

1. High current charger for small current mobile phone charging, the results almost have no effect, charging speed will not accelerate.

2. Small current can charge high current mobile phones, but the speed is slow, and the charger is also in the load state for a long time, causing overheating of the charger, which is easy to cause accelerated aging of the charger, so it is not recommended to use it frequently.

3. It is recommended to use the original charger. Nowadays, many brands of mobile phones in the market use type-C interface, which is a trend. However, the maximum input current of each mobile phone may be different, and the performance of chargers also varies greatly. For example, a domestic brand charger adopts 4.5v/5a or 5V / 4.5a output, skipping the voltage conversion at the mobile terminal, and directly outputs battery voltage and maximum charging current from the charger. A heat source is reduced from the source, which is fast and safe. For a mobile phone with a charger like this, the maximum input current of the mobile phone must be very high. If it is not the original charger, the charging speed is bound to slow down, and the heating phenomenon of the mobile phone is bound to be very serious. If the temperature rises too fast, the charging must be stopped immediately.

iPhone Charger Cable

Based on the above reasons, it is recommended that you use the original mobile phone charger, because the design and manufacturer of the original mobile phone charger has done a lot of matching charging tests with the original mobile phone battery. If conditions do not allow, then try to use a high-quality third-party charger, or prefer a charger with higher current than the mobile phone, so that the charger will not appear load heating and damage the mobile phone battery.