Can Apple iPhone use other brands of fast charging chargers?

Although Apple has supported fast charging since the beginning of iPhone 8, most users still don't know the function of iPhone. The main reason is that the newly purchased iPhone doesn't have a standard fast charging adapter, and the cheapest official fast charging charger is 249 yuan.

It's too expensive to buy an original charger. Third party chargers or chargers of other brands are not compatible. So can the third-party fast charging adapter be used and how to choose?

In fact, as long as the third-party usb-c charger supports the USB power delivery (usb-pd) standard, it can be used on the iPhone. For the charging cable, apple only supports usb-c interface to lighting interface, and other types of charging cable may be incompatible.

For chargers, apple does not require MFI certification, but it is best to choose a reliable brand when purchasing, so that both compatibility and security will be guaranteed.