Can 1 metadata line really work? There are so many holes in buying a data line

For the purchase of mobile data cable, most people's views are generally limited to "plug in" and "the best of the original factory". However, although the data line of mobile phone is only a thin line, it is not easy to buy the right one. Even as a science editor, I can easily buy the wrong data line. Today, I'd like to share with you what you need to pay attention to when purchasing data cable.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Now the e-commerce platform has rarely seen the emergence of fake and shoddy data line products. As long as you choose the brand merchants in the large-scale e-commerce platform, it is difficult to buy inferior products. Of course, it is not recommended to buy the "three no products" sold by unknown online sellers or offline "roadside stalls". Although the data line products purchased in formal channels generally have no big quality problems, they may not be able to buy the data line they need.


This is because a lot of data cable products have the problem of hiding or confusing the specific parameters of the product. Now I will list some "pits" that are easy to encounter when buying data cable.

Fast charging line cannot be fast charged

Mingming bought a fast charging cable, but the charging is not fast. Now when you buy a data cable for Android mobile phones, you are most likely to encounter this situation. Although the fast charging technology of Android mobile phone is developing rapidly, the fast charging standard is not unified. Many fast charging protocols with charging speed over 20W need special data cable and charger to achieve the ideal effect. If you buy a data cable at will, you can't support the super fast charging function of the mobile phone. Moreover, there is a problem that the fast charging line can only charge fast and cannot transmit data.

The trasmission speed of type-C data line is slow

Although we are now less and less use of wired way to transmit data for mobile phones, but wired transmission still has a strong practical value. However, many friends will find that the data transmission speed is very slow when using the data cable they purchased. This is because this data cable is likely to use USB 2.0 standard in data transmission. At present, many data cable products only support the fast charging function. For the data transmission function, it may only support the USB 2.0 standard, or even not support the data transmission at all

USB 2.0 standard data cable

Type-C cable cannot charge high power equipment

Although the type-C interface achieves the interface unification among various devices, there are still many compatibility problems due to the different built-in standards and protocols. For example, many new laptops now use the type-C interface for power supply, but many friends will find that in addition to the original type-C cable, many type-C cables purchased by themselves do not support charging laptops. This is because most type-C lines on the market do not support high-power power supply.

Type-C cable with up to 100W charging


Apple data cable can not transmit data, charging will have pop-up warning


Because the original apple data cable is not only expensive, but also easy to damage, so many people will choose to buy an apple data cable. But you often find that the data cable you choose can't transmit data, and the iPhone will pop up when charging. This situation is basically because the data line used is not equipped with apple certification chip.


Apple data cable does not support 18W fast charging


Now all the new iPhones support the 18W fast charging standard, but many friends find that their new iPhones can't charge at the speed of 18W when charging. At present, in addition to the new iPhone 11 Pro Series, other apple models are currently equipped with standard "5v1a" charging package, which naturally does not support 18W fast charging, and most of the A-Port Apple lines on the market do not support 18W fast charging standard.


Through the problems listed above, we can find that buying a data cable is not as simple as buying a cable corresponding to an interface. So how can we correctly purchase a suitable data line?


How to choose apple data cable?


Let's talk about how to choose the data cable of Apple mobile phone. At present, there are two types of Apple data cable in the market: type-C to lightning and usb-a to lightning. It is recommended that you buy the data cable of type-C to lightning and match it with type-C charging head.

Type-C to lightning cable

Because the popularity of type-C interface is the trend in the future, more and more devices will use type-C interface in the future; Of course, if you want to reuse the previous charging head, or you need to transfer data with a computer equipped with usb-a interface, you still need to buy a usb-a to lightning cable. Here's a little bit of knowledge for you to popularize. When you buy a data cable, you will encounter two words: usb-c and type-c. the full name of usb-c interface is USB type-C, that is to say, these two words refer to the same interface.


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After talking about the interface, let's talk about the apple data line authentication. In order to ensure a unified user experience, Apple has added a certification chip to the data line. If the data line is not equipped with a certification chip, there will be problems such as pop-up warning and data transmission failure. In addition to Apple's original data line, the data line certified by Apple MFI will also carry this chip.