[bulletin] NVIDIA plans to replace the RTX 30 graphics card with a new GPU; Huawei cancels chargers for some mobile phones

NVIDIA plans to replace RTX 30 with new GPU

Recently, DIY media reported that NVIDIA has gradually stopped production of ga106-300-a1 GPU core originally used in RTX 3060, and transferred to ga106-302-a1 production, which is planned to be delivered in May.

The mining restriction is at the bottom level. Due to the inability to correspond to PCI ID, the driver of the development version of cracking mining fails instantly.

The informant kopite7kimi discovered that the new cores ga104-202, ga104-302, ga102-202 and ga102-302 have appeared, which are expected to correspond to the new versions of RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 respectively.


This also means that it is very likely that the new amp graphics cards will be put on the market in the future, all of which are restricted by the bottom mining.


In addition, if the news is true, then the circulation price of users who have started with the old RTX 30 graphics card in the second-hand market will inevitably rise, at least in the short term.

Huawei cancels chargers and data lines for some mobile phones

Recently, some netizens found that some Huawei mobile phones are no longer equipped with mobile phone chargers and data cables as standard, providing consumers with two versions.

It is understood that Huawei has issued new versions of mate X2, mate 40 pro, Nova 8 pro and Nova 8 models to offline stores, all of which do not include charger sales, and they have been officially launched since today.

Among them, the version without charger is 200 yuan lower than the ordinary package. From the exposed pictures, users can choose to buy the charging package version or the charging package version.

Take Huawei mate 40 Pro as an example, the 8GB + 128GB version does not include 6299 yuan for charger and data line, but 6499 yuan for charger and data line.

 iPhone 12 charger

At present, Huawei officials have yet to respond to this. Some netizens speculated that Huawei doesn't have a standard charger, which is different from Apple's so-called "environmental protection" because of the shortage of charging IC. Loongson's independent instruction set is compatible with MIPS / arm / x86

Yesterday, loongarch released loongarch instruction set, an instruction set independently developed by loongarch, with more than 2500 instructions. In the future, loongarch will share relevant content for free and establish an open instruction alliance.

Apple Charger Cable

Before Godson's instruction set, there were x86, arm, MIPs, risc-v, alpha, power and other instruction set systems all over the world. Godson's previous processors were even licensed based on MIPS, and the new loongarch instruction set had to solve the compatibility problem.


In this regard, loongarch mentioned that in its design, loongarch fully considered the requirements of compatible ecology, integrated the main functional features of various international mainstream instruction systems, and relied on more than ten years of technological accumulation and innovation in binary translation by loongarch team, which not only ensured the lossless migration of binary application on existing loongarch platform, Moreover, it can realize efficient binary translation of a variety of international mainstream instruction systems.


What about the efficiency of translation? According to Dr. Hu Weiwu, chairman and founder of loongarch, loongarch's translation efficiency for MIPS instructions is 100%, that for arm instructions is 90%, and that for x86 is 80%.


However, 80% of the efficiency of X86 is achieved under Linux. Loongarch also supports the translation of X86 under windows, but the efficiency will be reduced to 70%.


Loongarch is still in development, which is the space for the improvement of translation efficiency in the future.


Xiaomi TV EA 2022 released on April 16, Xiaomi TV EA 2022 was officially released, providing seven sizes of 32, 40, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 inches. The price range is 1199 yuan - 3599 yuan, and the starting price is 999 yuan, 1399 yuan, 1499 yuan, 2199 yuan, 2399 yuan, 3199 yuan, 4999 yuan respectively. Except for the 75 inch version, other sizes will be on sale at 10:00 on April 18.