Brother nano? Anker introduces 20W PD folding charger

Anker nano provides users with a 20W PD fast charging experience with the attitude of Wufu Yian. It turns out that PD fast charging can be so mini, subverting people's cognition. In the face of the 20W Mini fast charging market, Anker small steel gun family recently released a new product, Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger, which also supports 20W PD fast charging output. The new foldable pin structure is more portable and convenient.

Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger follows the appearance ID design of Anker family, with all white pearlescent surface technology, round processing of micro drum output panel frame, single usb-c output port configuration, Anker trademark printed on the front, which can be seen as Anker's product at a glance.

The biggest difference between Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger and star product Anker 20W nano is that Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger adopts foldable pin design, which can be stored in the shell when going out, and will not scratch with luggage. In terms of performance, they both support 5v3a / 9v2.22a voltage output with a maximum output power of 20W.

The dimensions of Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger are 40mm x 33.2mm x 38.4mm. According to the rated power of 20W, the power density is 0.39w/cm? And the weight is 53.5g.

Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger with power iq3.0 fast charging technology, maximum output power 20W, perfect support for iPhone 12 series PD fast charging, Anker claims that it can charge 50% of the power for iPhone 12 in 25 minutes. Based on the USB PD fast charging standard, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phones can be used, while compatible with tablet, headset, smart wearable and other digital products.

Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger adopts three-dimensional layout design inside, and sufficient heat dissipation space is reserved for heating parts, so that it has lower temperature rise. It has first passed the New International Standard IEC / en / UL 62368-1 with more stringent shell temperature requirements.

Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger has been put on sale in Anker Jingdong flagship store. The price is 59 yuan, and the price is 44 yuan after the first coupon. It will be officially put on sale on March 29. Interested partners can get on the car by themselves.