Brother monkey teaches you how to distinguish the original apple charger from the counterfeit charger

As a senior fan of fruit powder, it's necessary for monkey brother to learn how to distinguish the original apple charger from the fake charger. After all, the frequent explosion of mobile phone charging explosion door still makes people feel a little scary. After all, safety is the first thing. However, most of these problems are caused by our users' improper operation and the use of fake charger!

If you have been buying original machine dismantling accessories from monkey brother, you can rest assured that you can click an X in the upper right corner. Gudebai doesn't need to read such a long article. Whoever wants to read it, I believe in monkey brother. Anyway, it's right to find him. Second hand mobile phones are genuine, accessories are rampant! (here's monkey brother. Take the charger of iPhone 6 as an example. The plug of the Bank of China usually has no two holes. The American version has two holes, so that the parts in the socket can jam the two holes when they are inserted into the socket. The Hong Kong version has three pins.) in order to avoid the spontaneous combustion of the charging cable, monkey brother today It is necessary to teach you how to buy genuine Apple accessories!

First of all, as like as two peas, we can not remind you that not all the original accessories are exactly alike. Because the earphone, data cable, charger, each kind of accessories are manufactured by many manufacturers, so there will be differences between the original accessories manufactured by different manufacturers. The original headset, data cable and charger all have serial numbers, but they can't be found on Apple's official website. Because these are just small accessories, there is no need to provide an inquiry, so the serial number is just a serial number. Some people told monkey brother that the charger with green dots is genuine. Pay attention! This is not necessarily true. In fact, most Shanzhai green dots are available, but they are also inferior cores. Don't be convinced by the seller that green dots are available, and then continue to identify them.

Data line

There are words about 20cm away from the USB plug:

"Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China + serial number (made in China) ", 3) look at the USB connector: on one side of the connector, the counterfeit product has a pit, and the contact is also silver metallic luster, while the genuine product has no pit, and the contact has a golden luster; from the super interface direction, the interface plastic of the genuine lightning data cable has no opening, and the internal contact can not be seen.

"Designed by apple in california assembled in Thailand + serial number (made in Thailand)"
The serial number of data line begins with F6F, DTY, DTX, DTV, DV, etc.
The main differences of data lines produced by different manufacturers are as follows:
The handle is different, some soft, some hard, some smooth, some frosted.
The colors of the characters are different, some of them are very light, so you need to look carefully to find them.
The spacing and font of serial numbers will be different. Some serial numbers have small spacing and long characters, while others have large spacing and flat characters.
1) Flash identification: USB interface red circle position can see light transmission. The real data cable plug will transmit light under strong light, while the fake one will not. I mentioned the details in the last article.
2) Look at the shape of the contact: high imitation contact is rectangular, genuine contact is semicircular. The metal contact of the real data line is almost flush with the plastic beside it. Some are completely flush, some are a little higher, and the metal contact of the imitated data line is much higher than the plastic part. If you feel your finger will get stuck, it's fake.

2. Charging head
1) High imitation Apple iPhone 6 charger fillet arc is not smooth, metal insert ordinary workmanship. The original genuine Apple iPhone 6 charger has a smooth rounded arc and a more refined metal insert. It feels fine.