Besides the original data cable, is there any other good quality data cable recommended by apple?

In addition to the original data line, now there are many good quality data lines are worth recommending, and the price is much cheaper than the original data line.

At present, there are two types of Apple data cable: usb-a to lightning and usb-c to lightning.

The difference between the two: usb-a does not support PD fast charging, and usb-c supports PD fast charging (iPhone 8 and later models support PD fast charging).

Since iPhone 8, apple mobile phone has supported Pd fast charging, but fast charging only supports usb-c to lightning cable. At present, apple mobile phone only has iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max's own usb-c to lightning cable, and others need to purchase usb-c to lightning cable separately.

Note for purchasing apple data cable:

You must buy MFI certified ones. At present, there are many brands of Apple data lines on the market, and you may have seen them for a few yuan. Most of them are fake, and they are not officially certified. Their compatibility and quality are very poor, and they may damage the equipment. "MFI certification also costs money.".

What is MFI certification? Apple MFI certification is Apple's license certification for its accessories, and the abbreviation of the logo is "made for IOS".

Why choose MFI certification line?

Because the subject did not say which kind of data cable to use, so the following is divided into two parts: usb-a to lightning cable and usb-c to lightning cable.

1 Usb-a to lightning cable

Suitable for all models of iPhone 5 and above.

2 Usb-c to lightning cable

Suitable for all models of iPhone 8 and above.

Highlight: the quality of the data cables mentioned above is very good. Nylon braided wires are very durable and wear-resistant. I recommend Anker > purple rice > lvlian > others.