Beisi has launched a bracket type magnetic wireless charger, which is designed for iPhone 12

Apple's introduction of magnetic suction wireless charging makes iPhone 12 have a different wireless charging experience. IPhone 12 supports 15W MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging, and is also compatible with Qi wireless charging standard. Third party accessory brands have followed suit. But the market of magnetic wireless charger is still horizontal charger based, did not make full use of the advantages of magnetic system. Recently, Beisi launched the "Swan magnetic desktop bracket wireless charger", which adopts the vertical bracket design, making effective use of the advantages of magnetic wireless function.

Beisi Swan magnetic desktop bracket wireless charger is made of PC + metal and other materials. The vertical magnetic bracket structure is specifically developed for iPhone 12. The base is connected with the magnetic wireless charging coil through a metal support rod. The wireless charging coil supports 15 degree stepless angle adjustment.

Beisi Swan magnetic desktop bracket wireless charger supports Qi wireless charging, with a maximum transmitting power of 15W. The magnetic parts can be positioned automatically, and the iPhone 12 can be loaded with automatic adsorption, whether it's bare metal or with a sleeve. The wireless charging part supports the constant frequency and voltage regulation scheme, which is better compatible with Apple Wireless charging and avoids interference with 5g signal band of mobile phone.

Looking at the product view from the back, the metal support rod of the wireless charger of Beisi Swan magnetic desktop bracket is connected with the wireless charging tray through a spherical joint, so that the wireless charging tray can have a 15 degree omni-directional angle adjustment, and can be turned to the appropriate angle to adapt to the user's viewing operation.

The uplift around the base can be used as a shelf to place small items such as keys or memory cards to avoid loss. There is a charging indicator light on the edge. The LED lights up for a long time when it is in standby, and it works as a breathing light when it is in normal output. When it detects foreign objects, it flashes quickly to remind users.

Compared with the mobile phone charger, the wireless phone charger is installed on the wireless phone. The interactive phone is operated on the Internet, and the short video is tiktok.

Thanks to the convenient connection mode of magnetic suction, in addition to the vertical placement, it can also rotate the horizontal screen to absorb, so as to reduce the display size in one second and watch movies.

The main control PCB is placed on the base and separated from the coil module to avoid the accumulation of heat sources and improve the charging efficiency. The coil periphery adopts double-layer magnetic core to firmly fit with the mobile phone, supporting FOD foreign body detection function, which is efficient and safe.

Beisi Swan wireless charger with magnetic desktop bracket has been put on the shelves in Beisi tmall's official store, with a price of 158 yuan. PC + metal material makes elegant atmosphere, separate bracket tray avoids heat accumulation, magnetic suction tray supports 15 degree free angle adjustment, can be vertical and horizontal to unlock more iPhone 12 use mode.