Away from danger, how to choose apple data cable correctly?

We know that Apple data cables are all kinds of market, and the price is different. There are many examples of personal harm caused by the problem of poor data cable in news reports. Although Apple mobile phones are expensive, but we can buy mobile phones, so on the data cable can not save money. Today, the editor will talk about Apple data cable.

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A 16-year-old girl in the UK reportedly bought an apple data cable from pound to charge her iPhone with an original apple charger; Not long ago, Chloe Moore cable playing with his mobile phone suddenly sparked. Although it was not burned, it still felt palpitation. In China, Ms. Chen's apple 5S mobile phone in Ningbo is charging at a good end. As a result, the data cable suddenly ignites white smoke, and the rubber is burned instantly. Miss Chen quickly pulls out the data cable. Fortunately, it is OK for her mobile phone and people. A man in Han said that when the Apple phone was charging, he suddenly ignited himself and woke up when he turned over. When he found the fire, he ran out and sighed about his life. These examples undoubtedly illustrate a reason to cherish life and keep away from the poor data cable.


How to select data cable correctly

For the correct selection of Apple data cable small compilation summed up two points, grasp these two basically will not be a problem. One thing is to go to the official flagship store, or some East self-employed or some big city apple store to buy. If the budget is not enough, you can buy the data cable of the OEM at this time. It is important to note that the OEM enterprise needs MFI certification, that is, the abbreviation of made for iphone/ipod/ipad, which refers to the use license of apple for the external accessories manufactured by its authorized accessories manufacturer. The performance of such data cable can be compared with the original accessories, but the price is relatively low, so its cost performance is relatively high.


In a word, the small editor thinks that since you want to use Apple mobile phone, we should use relatively good data cable. After all, good horses and saddle can not cause bad consequences due to small loss. What suggestions can you leave in the comment area.