Assess the rigid needs of drivers? Evaluation of 7 smart car brackets

I'm looking forward to the National Day holiday. Have you figured out where to go?

Take your family and have a smart and happy self driving tour!

For drivers, it is inevitable that they need to navigate and answer the phone while driving. The power of mobile phone must be sufficient all the time, and it is very dangerous to hold the mobile phone directly in the process of driving.

Therefore, the data cable car charger and mobile phone bracket naturally become the just need of drivers.

All kinds of car bracket

Ordinary car bracket has been very popular.

Today, Zhenzhen brings the evaluation of smart car mobile phone bracket. It is said that compared with the ordinary vehicle bracket, the intelligent vehicle bracket has the advantages of "automatic opening and closing" and "wireless charging", so it is very convenient to use.

Let's take a look at the effect of the intelligent bracket

Do you want to have one? Let's take a look at the evaluation first and see which one suits you best

We bought four big brand stents from our flagship store and three ultra-low price stents from pinduoduo by the way.

Round 1 unpacking

Huawei Huawei is equipped with air outlet clip and pasteable pedestal to meet two kinds of placement requirements. Unfortunately, Huawei is not equipped with type-C data line. It supports wireless charging. The charging cable and cigarette lighter adapter are integrated. The official claims that this charging cable can achieve 40W power output to realize fast charging. You know, it's very good if our ordinary charging energy exceeds 10W, but it's not fast if it's less than 18W.

Huawei's panel is made of fabric (officially called high permeability cationic fabric). Compared with the other six models, it looks more textural. The purpose is to protect the mobile phone and its heat dissipation. This detail is quite intimate.

Xiaomi mi

Compared with Huawei, Xiaomi is equipped with independent cigarette adapter and type-C data cable, which makes it more flexible to use. The maximum charging power of Xiaomi is 20W, but it can only be achieved by using official accessories, and it is only compatible with Xiaomi 9. So without Xiaomi 9, the fast charging function can't be used!

Xiaomi's panel is made of glass, and with the design of the ring lamp, the color value is quite high. The effect of ring light is not obvious in the daytime, but it can be used at night.

Yise and Beisi

Yise and Beisi are also equipped with air outlet clip and stickable pedestal, but the pedestal of these two models adds a telescopic arm.

The panel materials of Yise and Beisi are also smooth, but they are a little worse than those of Xiaomi; In terms of overall workmanship, Beisi is slightly inferior to Yise.

Comprehensive comparison of appearance design, texture and workmanship:

Round 2 experience

Air outlet installation

In the installation of air outlet, Beisi is the most convenient, in fact, it is a hundred million colors, which is more labor-saving; The spring clamps of Huawei and Xiaomi are relatively laborious.

The billion color splint is equipped with an adjustable baffle and a plastic cushion, which can not only increase friction to stabilize the fuselage, but also reduce noise and silence in bumpy road conditions. In terms of the stability of the four models, Zhenzhen thinks Yise is the best.

Yise is equipped with adjustable baffle, which can stabilize the fuselage and reduce noise

Comparison of installation simplicity:

Comfort of opening and closing operation

Huawei and Xiaomi are both touch sensitive on the left side. When holding the mobile phone, the thumb can touch the responsive mouth and automatically open the mobile phone clip.

In contrast, Huawei's opening and closing speed is slightly faster than Xiaomi's. in the process of using, there may be the problem that "my mobile phone has been closed before I put it on"; Xiaomi's side sensing area is larger, which makes it easier to trigger opening and closing.

Yise and Beisi are key sensing, and guanxuan can avoid the error rate of sensing.

The sense of operation of Yise is really stronger, while the key position of Beisi is lower, so it is difficult to press the front of the mobile phone accurately, and it needs backhand pressing to be smooth, and the key is insensitive. Zhenzhen also learned: different brands of mobile phones, charging in different brands of bracket, the charging speed is not the same.

Through the communication with several customer service providers, we can get the following conclusions: only when the standard cigarette lighter socket of Huawei car charger is powered on, the maximum power of Huawei mobile phone can reach 27W; Other Android models can only be around 10W...... (1000 words are omitted here). In short, when you are shopping, you need to find customer service to understand the charging problems.

In this test, Android is represented by Huawei mate30 pro, and apple is represented by iPhone X.

In the above tests, the charging power did not reach the standard of fast charging.

Fast charging standard: the charging power is above 15W.

From the charging test data, the charging function of Xiaomi bracket seems to be more friendly to iPhone. The charging power reaches 10.24w. The power of charging Android is only 6.38w, while that of charging apple is 10.24w; Huawei's overall performance is the best, and the gap between Beisi and Yise is not big.

In the above tests, the maximum charging speed of Xiaomi and Huawei was not measured, because the accessories specified by the manufacturer were not available

Zhenzhen thinks that if the charging power can reach 10W, it can meet the daily charging demand. There is no need to deliberately pursue too high charging speed. Moreover, fast charging may cause some damage to mobile phones and batteries.

But if the small partner does not require high charging speed, Zhenzhen still recommends Yise. The sense of experience is no less than that of the two "big guys", and the cost performance is good.


iPhone Adapter
After testing well-known brands, are there any affordable alternatives for the three smart stents bought on the eve of "everything can be put together"?

B (22 yuan) and C (78 yuan) are almost the same model, but C's clip and bottom have a thick layer of soft glue, and the smooth surface looks relatively "high-end", but whether the price difference of 2 times + is worth it depends on the charging speed.

In addition, the spring clips of these three models are thick and have a snap, which may damage the air outlet during installation and unloading.

A (14 yuan) is the use of gravity clamping mobile phone, without induction (so, B (22 yuan) is really good! Add 8 yuan, become "intelligent" product immediately ~)
iPhone Adapter
In terms of experience, the operation of B (22 yuan) and C (78 yuan) is very smooth. Putting the mobile phone is automatically turned on by infrared induction. Taking the sensing point of the mobile phone is on the top of the back of the panel. When taking the mobile phone, the recognition is very high, even beyond the side induction design.

It is commendable that B (22 yuan) and C (78 yuan) can identify all mobile phones with mobile phone case (only for field test mobile phones).

In terms of charging power
iPhone 12 charger port
Usually, when the mobile phone needs to be charged, we must choose a qualified charger and charging line to avoid damage to the device.

To achieve fast charging, a mobile phone needs to meet three conditions.

1. Qualified, fast charging charger.

2. Fast charging battery.

3. And charge IC

Parents in the purchase of fast charging accessories, we must understand clearly, ask customer service.