Artificial intelligence glasses

The principle of VR glasses is similar to our eyes. Two lenses are equivalent to eyes, but far less intelligent than human eyes. In addition, VR glasses generally divide the content into two parts, and realize superimposed imaging through lenses. At this time, the center of pupil, lens and screen are not in a straight line, which makes the visual effect very poor and causes a lot of problems such as unclear and deformation.

There are many intelligent glasses with myopia correction function on the market. The main difference lies in the technical principle, appearance, weight, etc.

For children's products, as parents, we must weigh them from the following aspects: the product technology can't pass the standard, the children's weight, whether there are side effects, and whether there are successful cases.

We recommend bosiyuan's yunshiming smart glasses, with 21 patented technologies, below 80g, pure physical non-contact dynamic adjustment to improve vision, and the vision is generally improved by more than 3 lines. In Jiangsu Changzhou Beijiao primary school and Xiangmei primary school have done the whole class use, 100% effective.

The vision of 0.5 and 0.6 was improved to 1.0 in a week after the training.

And at the same time learning, while practicing eyes.

Digital mirror can show the weather when you look in the mirror, or you can choose online clothes to try on, and drag clothes into your own influence.

Google Glass

Apple watch is not sure yet

Automatic parking system

Fully transparent mobile phone with flexible display screen

3D home personal printer

We'd better wait for things after the progress of science and technology

VR glasses are relatively cheap, generally dozens of small pieces, more than 100 big brands. And VR all-in-one machine Shanzhai cheap to hundreds, ordinary brand entry model to 1000 yuan to start, more expensive kit tens of thousands of yuan. At present, the resolution of VR all-in-one is 1080p, and the mainstream is 2K high-end goods 4K.

VR glasses just project the mobile phone display. VR all-in-one machine does not need external mobile phones or computers. It can watch VR movies, play VR games and experience 360 degree panoramic video at any time, and enjoy the top mobile VR experience. VR glasses can achieve 3D effect at most, but the omni-directional virtual scene can not

According to the current hardware form of VR, VR head mounted devices are mainly divided into three types: 1. Mobile head mounted display (commonly known as mobile phone VR), 2. All in one head mounted display (VR all in one), 3. External connector wearable devices (requiring external host). Mobile head display, also known as VR glasses box, can be viewed as long as it is put into the mobile phone. Such as Xiaozhai Z4, storm mirror and so on, equivalent to the advanced carton VR, the price ranges from dozens to hundreds.