Apple's kindness: the third party wireless charger is full of blood

Wireless charging is now the standard configuration of flagship mobile phones, but apple, which can bring faster expansion to the popularity of wireless charging, is very small in this respect.

As early as the end of September this year, some users found that after the push of IOS 13.1, apple actually blocked many third-party iPhone wireless chargers on the market, which led to the failure of a large number of chargers that once supported iPhone 7.5W wireless charging on the market. Agents and businesses that hoarded a lot of wireless chargers were facing a disaster, and the industry suffered heavy losses.

However, in the 13.3 system upgrade push of the latest version of IOS, apple lifted the ban on the blocked function. The third-party wireless chargers that could not be used before were instantly revived. However, this is only part of the wireless chargers, not all of them can be reused. In other words, Apple's IOS Version 13.3 only optimizes some wireless chargers, and some of them can be reused.

Previously, the blocking brought by Apple's system upgrade push may be due to the fact that its wireless charger does not meet Apple's standards, while the subsequent part of the opening is to carry out in-depth debugging and testing, and only some wireless chargers are authorized. After all, Apple's functional requirements for the security of these mobile phones have always been very strict.

The trend of wireless charging is very obvious. The next thing to do is faster wireless charging and the popularity of the market. This largely depends on the improvement of apple. After all, the iPhone has too much influence.