Apple's iPhone 12 doesn't send chargers, making demand for third-party charger manufacturers soar

1 IPhone 12 cancels standard charger


When Apple announced that the iPhone 12 series phones and all iPhone models on sale on its official website would no longer come with chargers, the whole fast charging industry was boosted. From fast charging chip manufacturers and solution providers to fast charging factories and brand providers, they have experienced unprecedented business opportunities.


"The iPhone product line will no longer come with power adapters and earpods, which are often idle accessories, but will come with the increasingly needed usb-c to lightning fast charging cable," Apple's official website wrote. As a result, the packaging of products will become smaller, and the number of products that can be transported each time will increase correspondingly, so that the overall number of freight will be reduced. At the same time, we are pushing our manufacturing partners to switch to renewable energy. All of these initiatives can reduce carbon emissions by more than 2 million tons a year. "


According to the statistics of charging head network, before the release of iPhone 12 series mobile phones, Apple has 10 mobile phones supporting USB PD fast charging, but as many as 8 models are equipped with 5W charger as standard, only two models are equipped with 18W PD fast charging, and the demand for PD fast charging in the original accessories market is relatively strong.


Today, Apple has 14 iPhone models that support USB PD charging, while the seven iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone se, iPhone 11 and iPhone X are no longer available as standard chargers. This will lead to the imbalance of market supply and demand in the short term, which will lead to the piling up and even blowout of 20W PD fast charging accessories of the third party.


According to Nandu weekly, charger factories said that after Apple released, the demand for chargers on online shopping platforms surged, and thousands of charger factories are rushing to make chargers, with sales up 70 percent from July.


Thus, in the face of Apple's cake, domestic charger manufacturers have already acted to follow up the 20W PD fast charging product line, so as to meet the dividend brought by iPhone 12 and prepare for it. Next, we will take a stock of the 20W PD charger on the market.


2 Third party brand manufacturers benefit


Apple implemented this strategy effectively reducing the standard charger products, realizing its own environmental protection, and really stimulating the third-party charger market.


"Apple follows the unified universal charger standard implemented by the EU, and the agreement compatibility is enhanced. It promotes the rapid release of more than one charging and third-party chargers, so as to regulate the disorder of chargers and improve the situation of producing 5100 tons of electronic waste per year. All electronic devices of consumers are expected to share the same charger.".


Global network has pointed out that Samsung will also stop some models of charger distribution, in the future, more mobile phone manufacturers will no longer standard charger. The fast charging charger ushers in the tuyere, which is conducive to the charging manufacturer to put in full bloom, promote the progress of charging technology and develop the best cost-effective fast charging products for users.


Aoji has been working in the field of usb-c PD fast charging and gallium nitride technology cooperation for many years. The 20W usb-c charging head is now launched, adopting the latest gallium nitride technology, which is 50% smaller than the apple charger, which provides better choices for Apple users. "


Taoxianwen, marketing manager of baseus times: "Apple has cancelled the standard charger in an all-round way, and the innovation in the field of small and medium power fast charging charger is a breakthrough in how to make difference. The first mass-produced super Si 20W charger in the world is launched by bets. It brings the volume and switching frequency of gallium nitride with lower cost and is superior to that of traditional silicon based materials. This is also a new material field that Beth has been working again after the success of Gan Gan Gan field. "


Helena Lu, product director, Belkin Belkin Asia Pacific: "this change will help to expand the demand of third-party fast charging chargers. Belkin has a complete PD fast charging product line to meet the fast charging demand of fruit powder. The new Gan 30W single port charger and 63w double port charger realize small stature and high power with the support of gallium nitride black technology. At the same time, Belkin provides 2500 dollars equipment safety insurance for all charging products, which reflects our confidence in product quality and provides charging safety guarantee. "


Linxiaojiong, product director of Benks bonds: "Apple announced that the iPhone product series will no longer be accompanied by power adapter and earpods. Apple has always made money for accessories. Let others say, this directly leads to the geometric multiple growth of consumers' demand for charging head. In the future, the demand for fast charging is a continuous growth process, in car and home, Fast charging in office scenes will be booming, and Benks will make more innovative fast charging products in these directions. "


Idmix barley innovation founder: "without chargers, a large part of the charger market will be released, which is very beneficial for parts manufacturers. Idmix brand (barley innovation) was originally Apple authorized third-party accessories manufacturer, and its Mr. charging products also got the love of fruit powder users. Next we will be able to work on the charger product line, and there will be several products listed in succession. Whether it is gallium nitride black technology, or high power (100w/120w), or product design, it will bring you surprises. "


Mophie, product manager in China: "first, environmental protection. It can reduce the waste of resources from raw materials to production to transportation to consumer use and then to recycling, so as to reduce the carbon footprint of Apple products and conform to Apple's leading sustainable development concept. With the development and progress of fast charging technology, there are more and more high-power charging heads with strong compatibility on the market. These charging heads can not only meet the fast charging demand of Apple mobile phones, but also charge other more equipment. One charging head is used for multi-function charging. This is another form of resource saving and also saving storage space.


Second, opportunities. With the popularity of smartphones and the higher cost performance, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, cost control is a problem that major mobile phone manufacturers need to consider. Apple products have been living at a high price. To some extent, the cancellation of charging head and headphones can make the price of products slightly lower, so as to lock more middle and high-level consumers. The cancellation of 20W charging head gives apple more opportunities to sell accessories by itself and other third-party brands, and can also promote the popularization of wireless charging function and the development and sales of corresponding ecological accessories. For wired charging, we developed a 20W charger to match the needs of Apple's mobile phone, which was available in October. "


"It's a creation and only apple has the courage to do so," said wengyusheng, deputy general manager of mcdodo mcdo. Just as the headphone hole was cancelled before, it gave birth to the whole TWS ecology. I believe this time will also create a huge market space for the whole ecological chain, inject vitality into the whole mobile phone charger industry, and will certainly promote the development of the whole industry, make more excellent accessories brands stand out and provide more diversified product choices for consumers.


Mcdonagallo has been in this industry for 7 years. We have been focusing on the development of the industry and the innovation of technology, and we are committed to using new technologies to create more good products. Whether the iPhone 12 has a charger or not, we are all pushing forward at our own pace. Before that, we have a series of charging products, including 18W, 20W, 30W, 45W, 65W, 100W, etc. covering almost all power segments of charger products.


The opportunity is for the prepared. This time, Apple's adjustment on the charger only brings us a larger market space. At this stage, it will also focus on the 20W charger products, including the management of supply chain, the strengthening of quality control and inventory management. As for the new application field of magnetic absorption wireless charging, we will also set up a project team to explore more possible applications, hoping to bring more good and interesting products to fruit powder as soon as possible. "


"The iphone12 does not have a power adapter, which is a good thing for 3C accessories industry," said Chen Yaochang, marketing director of the marketing of the marketing of the marketing of the marketing of the marketing of the million magic brands. This year, the iPhone 12 uses 20W fast charging, and we have not targeted the introduction of 20W PD charger. There are two main reasons: the 18W fast charging of the iphone11 and the actual peak fast charging has reached 23W, so the peak fast charging of the iphone12 is certainly higher than 20W; On the other hand, the daily use scenario of 20W PD charger will be much weaker. So our 30W dual port charger and 65W three port gallium nitride can not only provide the iPhone 12 with peak charging higher than 20W, but also can be used in a wider range. This is also the pragmatism that our marketing brand has been adhering to. "


Leon, marketing manager of ugreen Green Alliance: "the iPhone 12 series supports 20W fast charging but cancels the charging head, which obviously opens the industry first. Based on the whole industry, the cancellation of charging head will create a huge market gap, which will bring great benefits to the whole fast charging industry. Green couplet has been deeply cultivated in the field of digital accessories for many years, with profound technical background, and the introduction of advanced technology such as Gan to further improve the fast charging solution. As Apple's ever MFI certified cooperative brand, we have prepared a full range of Apple accessories and peripheral products, including 20W PD fast charging charger, to provide better products and experience for users. "


"IPhone is a product that pays attention to innovation, iPhone users are also a group of experience oriented people. Good horses should be equipped with saddle, and the requirements for personalization and texture of accessories are higher. Uibi grapefruit is better suited to iPhone users' needs in terms of product innovation, texture and brand color. At present, we have "ice" series fast charger and "pasta" series quick charging data line, and will launch more and better products in the near future, which will not be a feast for the industry

 Apple Cable

Zhang Weikang, zMi ZIMI Operation Director: "this apple conference announced that the iPhone product series will no longer be attached with power adapter. Although the previous generation iPhone has been equipped with PD charger with type-C port as standard, this change will likely lead to a huge wave of update, which will provide a lot of opportunities for third-party accessory manufacturers. For Apple accessories product line, purple rice follows the principle of only MFI certification, on this basis, it makes the quality better, the cost-effective is higher, and the appearance is more personalized. "


"First of all, Apple has cancelled the standard wired headset and charger in iPhone, on the one hand, it will reduce the cost of standard charger and wired headset in the product, and also promote the sales of airpods series headphones and apple chargers, and promote consumers to buy chargers that can be charged quickly for iPhone, which can be said to be two wins. This change will promote iPhone 12 users to buy a C-Port charger that can meet the fast charging of iPhone or multi port fast charging charger that can meet the charge of Apple's whole family barrel, which will greatly promote the development of usb-c charger.


iPhone 12 charger port

To meet the launch of iPhone 12, zenture will launch a mini 20W single C port charger to meet the fast charging requirements of iPhone. Zenture also has three port s365w Gan nitride charger and the new S4 100W Gan 4-port charger, which can also charge MacBook, iPad, iPhone, apple watch family barrel and other devices at the same time. "


Zhengyanghui, CEO of Shenzhen zero one Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. "the iPhone 12 is no longer equipped with fast charging charger. For users, there will be more demand to the third-party fast charging accessories market."


Wu Yu, general manager of Shenzhen Haoda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Philips socket): "the iPhone all system cancels the charger, which is more or less beneficial to the domestic charging head related enterprises, but we also should not blindly understand from simple single function or single interface charger, it is not that Apple will not deliver it, we can eat this market for it. Actually, we think about so many digital mobile phone devices in our home, most chargers can be used, universal or downward compatible. What is the consumer's home like? Moreover, consumers' demands are subtractive. In the future, more functions and interfaces / protocols will be integrated, and more convenient is the demand.


Haoda intelligent (Philips intelligent socket) aims to cope with every new change through one-stop charging solution. We have been committed to the research and development of power supply products with higher integration and simplification. If Apple saves the charging head for environmental protection, the smart design of Philips Ferris wheel series intelligent socket, which integrates row plug, power adapter and multi port full protocol quick charging head, should be six times environmental protection. It is the royal way to jointly promote the development of the industry and adhere to innovation. Avoid blind follow-up, leading to a single price war within the industry. "