Apple uses MFI connector for the strictest encryption: Shanzhai data cable may be shuffled

The launch of the first lightning device iPhone 5 officially unveils Apple's new connector form, with the corresponding cable supporting forward and backward plug-in and small connector. This mobile phone was released in the United States in September 2012, which has a history of nearly seven years. During this period, the lightning connector was accompanied by several generations of Apple phones, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, etc., and the fast charging function was added to the subsequent models.

Recently, a number of Apple connectors will stop submitting PPID, and will be replaced by new connectors. Manufacturers using related accessories need to pay attention to time nodes to avoid unnecessary losses.

Usb-c / usb-a to lightning is a set of data cable specifications defined by apple. One end is usb-c / usb-a port, and the other end is Apple's unique lightning head, so it gets its name. This cable covers iPhone and iPad charging and data transmission, and is also an important product in Apple's MFI accessories certification.


Apple C48 connector to be discontinued


According to the technical specification R29 document provided by apple to MFI eco chain enterprises, c48a, c48b and c48c connectors specially used for third-party usb-a to lighting connectors will stop submitting product plans on February 28, 2019, and officially stop shipping on July 31, 2019.


This means that Apple's C48 data cable connector, which has been in service for many years, will officially withdraw from the stage of history. There were several versions of C48, and the industry has become a big shell version and a small shell version.


After the production of apple C48 connector was stopped, the replacement models given by apple were C89 and c94 respectively. C89 was the normal version of usb-a to lightning, and c94 could be used for usb-c to lightning fast charging data cable.


At the same time, Apple also has another connector C68, which is dedicated to lighting headphones and suitable for third-party MFI enterprises. The corresponding updated models of apple C68 are C78 and c79.

Apple opens usb-c to lightning

Although Apple has stopped production of C48 connector, it has also brought new support for fast charging connector c94. At present, MFI authorization has been opened, and it will be officially delivered in bulk from March to April, which can be regarded as the most expected line for Apple users in 2019.

At present, the apple family has three connectors that support fast charging, namely C52, c91 and c94. C52 and c91 are used exclusively by apple. The old model of C52 has been discontinued, and c91 is on sale now.

Apple announced the official opening of usb-c to lightning cable licensing, and the next third-party usb-c to lightning wire on the market will develop in a diversified direction. Not only the diversity of material and length, but also the emergence of charger, car charger, mobile power supply and other products integrated with fast charging cable to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

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Apple update connector encryption blocking crack

The first group of enterprises to get c94 brought high-definition pictures of connectors, which is also the first time to reveal the internal structure so clearly. Compared with the combination of C48, E75, C52 and c91, the c94 chip has a higher degree of integration.

It is worth noting that, so far, no third-party cracking team has announced the success of the fast charging connector c91, c94 and audio connector C100 on sale by apple.

Engineers in the charging head network industry know that the sha256 algorithm is used to encrypt these connectors recently released by apple. Generally speaking, bitcoin also uses this encryption method. If there is encryption, there will be decryption. So why hasn't Apple cracked these connectors yet. Referring to the security of bitcoin, it can be seen that cracking is impossible.

Before the c94 connector, the front and back sides of the C52 and c91 connectors were composed of multiple components, such as the main control chip, ASIC, PMU, MOS, etc. The connector composed of multiple components is very likely to cause that the chip communicating with apple mobile phone is original, and other materials may be grafted, which is common in the secondary assembly of defective products after sales.

It can be seen from the figure that the chip of apple c94 connector is quite high. The main control chip, PMU, MOS, etc. are integrated into a single chip package, which prevents recycling from the source.


It can be seen that the lightning connector of apple family can be divided into two branches according to charging and music. The power supply is divided into traditional charging and fast charging. As we all know, the third-party cracking connector of traditional charging cable has become an open topic in the industry. The hardest hit areas are E75 and C48. These two connectors are accompanied by several generations of new iPhone and iPad products, and the number of them on the market is as high as hundreds of millions.

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This is also the largest upgrade plan of Apple connector, covering almost all the new products of lightning cable. Unauthorized third-party cables often make the user's IOS device not work properly, or even have the potential risk of damage to the device. Apple has launched a challenge to crack cable manufacturers through the most stringent encryption method. Apple officially said it does not provide warranty service for equipment damage caused by users using non MFI certified accessories. When a non MFI certified data cable is inserted to transfer data or charge the Apple device, the device will display a pop-up box as shown in the figure.


For the problems that users may encounter after using "non MFI certified products", the four common examples given by apple are: your IOS device may be damaged, the cable may be easily damaged, the connector may fall off, the heat may be abnormal, or you may not be able to connect to the device correctly, and you may not be able to synchronize or charge the device.


Apple to crack down on infringement from three aspects


Fake data cable has always been Apple's lingering pain. Every year, the intermingled good and bad accessories add a lot of iPhone, iPad and other device failures to apple, and even endanger the user's data security, as well as the workload of after-sales problem consultation, thus bringing countless direct or indirect losses.

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From the release of Apple C52, c91, C100 and other connectors, we can see Apple's firm attitude towards anti blocking and cracking. It can be seen that when C48 and C68 are discontinued this time, MFI connector will be enabled for the strictest encryption, and fake data will be eliminated from the source.


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This time, apple started from three aspects to strengthen the influence of MFI ecological chain, combining software with hardware, including upgrading encryption method to increase the difficulty of cracking; Improve the chip design, eliminate graft; Put the apple Icon on the MFI license sticker to protect the trademark level.