Apple phone doesn't have a charging head, Greenlink Little King Kong will remedy it

Apple mobile phone mobile phone does not deserve to be charged head, so people really want to make complaints about the environment. Mobile phone is not make complaints about the original charging head of apple, but since it is not a charging head, then make complaints about buying it, and it is cheaper to use it. So today we recommend this small green cannon charging unit called "mini cannon".

Is this charger good or not? I also want to experience and test for you first.

This time I got the charging head and CTL line fast charging set. The packaging style of the charging head and the charging line is very unified. The color matching is clean and fresh. The 20W fast charging words are very prominent, which is also the biggest feature of the charging head.

The relevant technical parameters of the charging head and the charging line are printed on the back of the package. The charging head supports up to 20W output of various specifications, and the charging line supports up to 3A current.

The color of the charging head and the charging line is business white. White looks clean and delicate.

The charging head is a foldable design, with a size of 30x30x34.5mm after folding, which is only slightly larger than the thumb. It is very small and weighs only 35g, but its output power is as high as 20W. Like its name "lvlian Little King Kong", it is a mini fast charging and small steel gun in the charging head.

By comparing the apple Wufu Yian original charger with the green link fast charger, although the green link charger is longer than the original charger after opening the plug, it is smaller than the original charger after folding, and its power is four times that of the original charger.

The shell of the charging head adopts a white flame-retardant ABS shell, which is smooth and compact as a whole. The screw free design and piano baking finish make the charging head look noble and elegant. A more compact usb-c port is designed at the tail. In addition to supporting multi protocol output to realize fast charging, the smaller size makes it possible to realize the compact design of the charging head.

The trademark "ugreen" on the side of the charging head is very low-key, but it is also well integrated into the design of the charging head.

The plug at the bottom of the charging head can be folded. This design is very practical. It not only makes the size of the charging head smaller, but also allows the protruding plug to be stored, so that the charging head is not easy to scratch other things in the bag.

The matching green link fast charging line, apple special wire, 1 meter long, maximum support 3A current, plug position also has "ugreen" trademark logo, the plug has been reinforced, the official introduction of wire through MFI certification, workmanship looks good.

Lvlian xiaojingang adopts certified PD chip, which is the same standard as Apple's original PD charger, and has passed 3C and PD certification. It can intelligently identify various fast charging protocols, output stable DC voltage, easily carry the maximum 20W power output, and realize fast, stable and efficient charging. Combined with intelligent temperature control technology, it can reduce heating during charging, and conduct all kinds of over-voltage and over-voltage charging during charging Over current, over power, over temperature, short circuit and lightning protection ensure the safety of charging process.

Lvlian xiaojingang charging head is the latest PD head. It supports 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a, 12V / 1.67a, 3.3 ~ 5.9v/3a, 3.3 ~ 11V / 1.8A and other specifications. It supports pd3.0 / 2.0, qc2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.0 +, FCP, apple2.4 and the latest PPS charging protocol. It can basically solve the charging problems of all kinds of mobile phones in the current market, and is compatible with all kinds of power devices, even switch, smart bracelet Bluetooth headset and other devices can also be charged, so no matter how many devices need only one charging head, it is enough.

Using power Z for deception test, lvlian xiaojingang charging head can trigger all kinds of output specifications smoothly, and can also achieve the highest output specification of 12V / 1.67a, indicating that it is a real 20W fast charging head, which can adapt to all kinds of charging protocols and output specifications, and can provide efficient and fast charging for all kinds of mobile phones.

Lvlian xiaojingang is a very suitable charging head for the iPhone 12 series, which can automatically switch different output power for charging. Therefore, the iPhone 12 in hand is specially used for testing. When the power of the mobile phone is low, the charging head will automatically switch to a higher power output. After reaching 80% of the fast saturated power, it will turn into trickle charging, which can better charge the mobile phone, It can also better protect the battery and prolong its service life.

In terms of charging time, according to the official data, 60% of the electricity can be charged in 30 minutes. Although no accurate measurement has been made, it is obviously faster than the original charging head of Wufu Yian. In the case of charging while playing, 51% of the electricity can be charged in 30 minutes, indicating that the efficiency of the charging head is still very high.

Using iPad air2 for charging test, lvlian xiaojingang charging head can accurately identify apple2.4a charging protocol, and can output 5V / 2.4a charging specification suitable for iPad air2 to charge iPad air2 quickly and efficiently.

Lvlian xiaojingang charging head is not only suitable for charging apple, but also for charging other mobile phones. Therefore, for users with multiple mobile phones, it is enough to bring a lvlian xiaojingang charging head. Charging for Huawei mate 10 pro, lvlian xiaojingang charging head can trigger the maximum 20W charging specification supported by Huawei mate 10 pro, and realize fast charging for Huawei mate 10 pro. The charging process temperature is only slightly warm, and there is no hot hair phenomenon of traditional charging.

Lvlian xiaojingang charging head is indeed a small dark horse in the charging industry. Mini-x black technology creates an ultra small body, equipped with high-power and low heating intelligent charging chip, which can accurately identify various mobile phone charging protocols and provide efficient and stable output for mobile phones. A small charging head has passed 3C + FCC + UL and other multiple product quality certification, providing eight fold protection for the charging process, To ensure the safety of efficient charging process, the hidden folding design provides excellent convenience for portability. Whether you are using it at home or traveling, carrying such a charging head does not occupy space at all.

Of course, this green link little diamond charger is not worth improving. There is no design status light, which is the biggest deficiency. People can not intuitively understand the working state of the charger. If the status indicator can be added, it will be more scientific and humanized.

At present, apple is preparing to launch new products, and the iPhone 12 series products are on sale. It's also a good time to start. Although Apple's mobile phones are not equipped with charging heads in the name of environmental protection, if you are preparing to start with the iPhone 12 series products, you might as well consider this green link xiaojingang charging head set.