Apple MagSafe official and third party related product inventory (charger, card bag, protective cover, bracket, radiator)

1、 Official accessories
1. Card bag

Leather card bags rely on the attraction of magnets. In the past, many people took a mobile phone case and stuck door cards and work cards between the mobile phone case and the mobile phone. They can definitely use them, but they are less beautiful and feel.

I think it's just a slightly better solution, because it's difficult to grasp, that is, the coupling is reduced, and it's easy to take and install.

2. MagSafe case

With the mobile phone case, the magnet attraction will be weakened to a certain extent, so Apple added a magnet to the mobile phone case. Because of this, the alignment will be easier and the charging experience will be better, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive.

3. MagSafe charger

The most basic MagSafe charger, but pay attention to the need for their own charging head, because of its simple, so derived a lot of interesting products, later on.

4. MagSafe dual charger

At the same time, it supports charging the iPhone and apple watch. Of course, it can also charge the airpods / airpods pro with wireless charging box. This product also doesn't have a charging head, and the 20W charging head can't work at full power. It's recommended to start at 30W, and pinduoduo only needs ¥ 669.

5. MagSafe leather case

Some people like to protect their mobile phones strictly, so Apple has officially put out this kind of protective cover. You can see the time and the incoming calls outside. Unfortunately, you can't use the exposed part to answer the phone. You have to take out the mobile phone.

2、 Third party accessories

1. Belkin vehicle air outlet bracket

This bracket depends on magnetic suction and can't be charged. Note that there are many similar manufacturers, but I haven't used it, because I need a wireless charging air outlet bracket.

2. Belkin two in one charger

It supports MagSafe charging and airpods charging at the same time. It has a good shape. Anker has a two in one model, but unfortunately it doesn't support MagSafe.

3. Belkin three in one charger

At the same time, the MagSafe charger, which supports Apple watch, airpods and iPhone, has a good appearance, good function and a corresponding "good" price, exceeding ¥ 1000.

4、Mophie MageSafe

Mophie is also Apple's old partner, and now it is another company besides Belkin to launch MagSafe products, which are cheaper than Apple's official price.

5. MagSafe desktop stand

It's a bracket with official charger. Note that this is a more suitable type except for Belkin. If it's not with official charger, at least it's not recommended at the current stage. There's basically no support for MagSafe 15W charging.

There are several kinds here. The advantage of the following one is that it can be folded and the angle can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the appearance is not so stable.

This can also be folded, the advantage is that it looks better than the top (personal view), and is relatively more stable, and the angle can be adjusted.

The lower part is not foldable, the angle is adjustable, and the lower part has a larger weight, which is relatively more stable.

I'm using the following one now, but Jingdong didn't find it

6. MagSafe vehicle bracket

Similarly, what is said to be rechargeable here is basically not MagSafe 15W fast charging. It is suggested to buy a bracket with the original MagSafe charger.

For example, the following.

This one is the simplest one. It all depends on suction. I've bought this one.

This is a gravity support. I'm using this one. It's quite stable and relatively recommended. But you can take a look on Taobao. The price of Jingdong is relatively expensive. The following link is to let you have a look at the appearance. It's easy to find, but it can't be found in Taobao's good goods recommendation.