Apple leads the bad head, after Samsung Xiaomi, Huawei mobile phone will not be equipped with charger

Apple said in the release of iPhone 12 that due to environmental reasons, future iPhones will no longer be equipped with chargers. You can buy what you need with your own money. But in fact, we all know that this is to save costs. Some people even point out that this is a package plan made by apple in order to increase revenue and its irresistible desire to increase profits.

With regard to the data in this regard, someone has made a special analysis. On the premise of iPhone sales, without chargers, plus sales, the next generation of products can bring at least hundreds of millions of dollars to apple.

So after Apple took the lead, Samsung and Xiaomi announced that they would no longer be equipped with chargers for the sake of environmental protection. Recently, it is reported that Huawei will no longer provide chargers when it releases some models of mobile phones, so it can pay for them if necessary.

It is said that nova8 series, mate40 series and some Kirin 990 chip models will not be equipped as standard

However, those who want to buy charging heads separately can buy them in Huawei mall or glory mall. Glory is not sanctioned, and the charging agreement is the same as Huawei. According to the latest information, Huawei P50 series smartphones may not provide charging adapters.

Is it just for environmental protection without charger

In fact, not with a charger is for environmental protection, just to save costs to come up with a false reason. Undeniably, without charger can play a certain role in environmental protection, but more for the sake of interests.

Someone once made a statistics. Take the iPhone 11 as an example. In 2020, the sales volume will be 64.8 million units. According to the comprehensive cost of a charger at $8, if this data is used on the iPhone 12, apple can save at least $500 million in the cost of charger, and one third of users choose to buy chargers, According to the current charger sales price, this can add at least 500 million US dollars to the sales data, which is one billion US dollars.

In the face of absolute interests, the so-called environmental protection is just a reason to confuse the public.


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More potential business opportunities and risks without charger

As mentioned above, the extra purchase without charging can not only add extra sales data for enterprises, but also bring some potential risks and business opportunities.

Any battery electrical appliances will input rated power, voltage, current has its own special requirements, does not meet the requirements of the input may cause direct damage to the battery and electrical appliances.

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Take Huawei mate40 as an example, its wired charging: mobile phone supports maximum super fast charging 11V / 6A, compatible with 10V / 4A or 10V / 2.25A or 4.5v/5a or 5V / 4.5a super fast charging, compatible with slow charging 9V / 2A fast charging.
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If you look at the virtual standard or the so-called charger of some treasure, you don't know its real output voltage and current.

But if you choose a third-party charger, the output value is not in this range, or greater, then it will directly damage the battery, and even cause direct damage to the mobile phone in serious cases. More likely to cause serious accidents such as fire and explosion.
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If the battery is broken, is it a business to replace the battery? If the mobile phone is broken, is it more profitable to replace it directly.

Maybe some people say that you can buy the official charger directly. Yes, this is not wrong, but this is the business opportunity. It may be that the profits of the official charger can catch up with the profits of the mobile phone itself in some brands.

In the business that can directly reduce costs and increase profits, no businessman will choose to give up.