Apple iPhone charger shell injection design mechanical structure design mold NC process fixture

According to the requirements of plastic products, understand the use of plastic parts, analyze the technical requirements of plastic parts such as processability and dimensional accuracy, and consider the size of plastic parts. The first mock exam is four cavity, point gate feed, injection machine adopts 80XB model, cooling system is set up, CAD and UG draw two-dimensional assembly drawings and parts drawing, and the reasonable processing method of mould is selected. Attach the instruction book, systematically use the brief words, concise schematic diagram and calculation to analyze the plastic parts, so as to make a reasonable mold design.

Plastic is a polymer material with resin as the main component. It has fluidity under certain temperature and pressure. It can be molded into a certain geometry and size, and keep its shape after curing without change. Plastics have many excellent properties, which are widely used in modern industry and daily life. It has many advantages, such as low density, light weight, high specific strength, good insulation performance, low dielectric loss, high chemical stability, good antifriction and wear resistance, good vibration and sound insulation performance and so on. In addition, many plastics also have special properties such as waterproof, moisture-proof, air permeability, radiation resistance and instantaneous ablation resistance.

This product has uniform wall thickness, excellent ABS performance, low cost, meets the requirements of large production demand, and is easy to form. It is quite suitable for the parts of this subject, so it is selected as the material of the product here.