Apple iPhone 12 wireless charger module exposed!

At 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on September 16, apple held a new product launch in autumn, but the iPhone 12 didn't arrive as scheduled. The industry generally believes that Apple will hold a special launch of iPhone 12 in October.
IPhone 12 has not yet been released, and its related product information has been disclosed one after another. Charging head network previously pointed out that Apple will adopt a new magnetic absorption wireless charging scheme, and exposed the wireless charging receiving module and magnetic absorption wireless charging mobile phone protective shell, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Recently, the charging head network again obtained a video of the suspected Apple iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charger module from the supply chain.

1、 Suspected iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charger module exposed

From the video, we can see that the wireless charger module is flat and pie shaped, the front is pure white, and the back is packaged with a metal shield, so the overall appearance is perfect. At the same time, the wireless charger module also reserves five pads for connecting power and communication cables, namely VBUS, V +, V -, CC and GND. And you can also see through the pad that the internal use of black oil PCB, the overall workmanship is close to Apple product style. In addition, according to the size of the wireless charger module in the video, it can be preliminarily judged that the internal structure should be single coil. This is different from the previous abortive airpower wireless charging pillow.

2、 IPhone 12 wireless charger may be included in MFI certification system

Although it is not clear the actual charging power of Apple Wireless charging module to the mobile phone, but from the information that has been mastered, it is very likely that Apple Wireless charger will go on the route of MFI certification through modular design. If major brands and manufacturers want to do this business, they must first apply for the MFI qualification of the enterprise, then purchase the original wireless charging module from apple, and finally take the finished product to do MFI certification.

As we all know, Apple has adopted modular design as early as apple watch magnetic absorption wireless charger, and established a perfect MFI certification system for this type of accessories. As far as apple watch magnetic absorption wireless charger is concerned, at present, all third-party manufacturers need to purchase the original module from apple, and then match the cable and shell according to the actual application scenarios of the product.
3、 Wireless charger market will be reshuffled

Previously, the charging head network pointed out that Apple's adoption of a new magnetic absorption wireless charging scheme will lead to a reshuffle of the traditional wireless charging market. Now it seems that the new wireless charging architecture of iPhone 12 is far more than magnetic suction, because as long as it is related to MFI, it will involve related patent issues.

At present, the products in the traditional wireless charging market are based on the Qi standard of WPC wireless charging alliance. If Apple implements MFI authentication mechanism on mobile phone wireless charger, all wireless charging chip factories, solution providers and manufacturers relying on iPhone wireless charging accessories need to make a very big update iteration, and the number of MFI certified enterprises on the market will also increase significantly.

At the same time, due to Apple's official exclusive supply of wireless charging modules, orders for control chips and other components are usually concentrated in several head manufacturers. For the existing small and medium-sized wireless charging chip and peripheral component manufacturers, although they can not directly enter the official supply chain of apple, if they can bypass the MFI certification system to realize the wireless charging of iPhone 12, they can also open the next blue ocean market of wireless charging accessories. Of course, this is also a very challenging thing.