Apple fined $2 million for iPhone without charger; IMAC Pro sold out worldwide

Environmental protection also comes at a price.
Apple has been fined $2 million for violating the consumer law in Sao Paulo, Brazil, due to the lack of a charger in the packaging of the new iPhone, according to the Brazilian technology news agency tlet.
Procon SP, Sao Paulo's Consumer Protection Agency, decided to fine apple after a rigorous review of the new iPhone. Fernando capez, executive director of Procon SP, issued a stern warning to apple after the fine, saying that Apple needs to respect and understand Brazil's consumer laws and institutions.

However, apple still has the opportunity to appeal against the $2 million fine, but its follow-up is still unclear.

IMac Pro is off the shelves all over the world until it's sold out

In the latest news on March 21, apple took off IMAC pro, its all-in-one product, from its official website, and the 21.5-inch 512gb / 1TB version of IMAC was also taken off the shelves. Check IMAC pro on Apple's websites in other regions, and there is no relevant page to show.

In early March, apple said it would stop producing IMAC Pro this month, and it could continue to buy until it sold out. Now, IMAC Pro is officially removed from Apple's official channel. If there is a demand for IMAC pro, we can only find a reliable third-party channel.

At present, the main features of Apple's official website are 27 inch iMac, 5K retina screen and 512gb storage. Of course, you can choose higher capacity if you need. Up to the 10th generation of Intel Core i9 processor, Rui frequency can reach 5.0ghz, up to the graphics card of radon Pro 5700 XT, 8GB of gddr6 memory. If you choose the most top configuration, the price is about 67000. I don't know if this IMAC is your dish.

With the success of Apple's self-developed M1 chip, the removal of IMAC Pro may be only a stopgap measure. Maybe this year, we will see IMAC pro with new design and M1 chip (M1 upgrade). Please look forward to it.