Apple fined 13 million yuan for not accompanying charger, iPhone production may be interrupted?

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At present, the news of Apple's new products is suddenly silent, on the contrary, the news that is not good for apple is coming one after another. It not only faces many lawsuits, but also threatens Apple's production in the case of global chip shortage.
Apple fined 13 million yuan for not accompanying charger
Apple may be fined nearly 13 million yuan in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for selling iPhones without chargers, according to Brazilian technology news media tilt.
On the iPhone 12, apple for the first time removed the charger from the box, saying it would reduce carbon emissions and the use of rare earth metals. Procon SP, a consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo, decided to fine apple for the action.

Last December, the Brazilian agency informed apple that selling iPhones without chargers in Brazil violated consumer law. Apple responded to the agency, saying most customers already have extra chargers and don't need to provide them.

Fernando capez, executive director of Procon SP, issued a stern warning to apple after making the fine decision, saying that Apple needs to respect and understand Brazil's consumer laws and regulations.
In addition to not having a charger, Apple has also been fined for misleading consumers about iPhone waterproofing.
Procon SP claimed that Apple refused to provide repair services to iPhone users who still suffered from water damage during the warranty period.

Apple will appeal against the fine.

Apple claimed $309 million in patent fees

A federal jury in Texas has asked apple to pay about $308.5 million to a local company, personalized media communications (PMC), for infringing a patent related to digital rights management, according to a report by Bloomberg. PMC initially sued apple for infringement of seven patents in 2015. The company claims that Apple's technologies, such as fairplay, infringe its patents and are used by apple to distribute encrypted content on its iTunes, app store and apple music.

At that time, apple challenged the validity of the patent in the patent trial and appeal board. Last year, an appeal court reversed the board's decision that certain patent applications were invalid, thus reopening the case.

It also points out that PMC is a patent holding company that earns income through patent litigation, similar to a patent rogue company.

Affected by OLED screen chip, iPhone production may face disruption

According to Nikkei Asia, iPhone production may face disruption due to the impact of global chip shortage on Samsung's OLED screen production.

Last month, Samsung was forced to close its chip manufacturing plant in Texas due to a snowstorm in the United States. The factory produces 5% of global supply of smartphones and computer chips. It is noteworthy that the chip of Samsung's OLED screen comes from this manufacturer, while the OLED screen used on iPhone comes from Samsung. The report does not specifically mention which iPhone models will be affected and the duration of the interruption. Before that, apple suppliers were forced to close factories in China and other places for some reasons, which eventually delayed the release of the iPhone 12 to October.