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"Apple fined $2 million for not giving charging head"

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Apple has been fined nearly $2 million in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for violating the consumer law because there is no charger in the box of the new iPhone, according to Brazilian technology news media tilt.

Procon SP, the consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo, decided to fine apple. On the iPhone 12, apple removed the charger from the box, saying it would reduce carbon emissions and use of rare earth metals.

Last December, the Brazilian agency informed apple that selling iPhones without chargers in Brazil violated consumer defense laws. Apple responded to the agency's concerns by saying that most customers already have a spare charger and don't need to provide one in the box.

Fernando capez, executive director of Procon SP, issued a stern warning to apple after the fine decision, saying that Apple needs to respect and understand Brazil's consumer laws and regulations. In addition to not having a charger, Apple has been fined for misleading consumers about iPhone waterproofing.

Procon SP claims that Apple refuses to repair devices for iPhone users who have suffered water damage, even if the devices are under warranty.

It is understood that Apple will have the opportunity to appeal against the $2 million fine.

Many netizens expressed support for Brazil's punishment of apple!

Some netizens expressed their support in their comments, saying that Apple should be fined not only in Brazil, but also in other countries in the world.

Netizen said: "true environmental protection can be supported. For the behavior of seizing money with the slogan of environmental protection, we should punish it“

The netizen said: "it's not a matter of giving or not giving. The charging head is a part of the mobile phone! Have you ever seen a refrigerator washing machine without wires? "

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